1200w for less then 250$ possible? :o

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by DoktorSOG, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So I just realized you can just buy hps mogul sockets, & lightbulb when on in my head. buy 2 cheap 600w ballast such as dutch pro like 70 each, buy 2 hps 600w bulbs of your choice, 30-?$ then the sockets themselves like 23$ each.

    am i over simplifying? cuz thats the price of a fancy 400/600watter for 1200! & yes i do realize the lack of a reflector, but reflector shmector at an extra 600w at that price
  2. dont use hid myself but i have seen others use hid parts from wholesalers and saved a lot of cash like $100 for a 400w "bulb ballast socket reflector"
  3. you could always get a 1000w ballast kit 100 bucks, and the sunpro splitter which lets you run two 600 watt bulbs from one 1000w ballast. I was considering this setup myself
  4. Only gonna run a 4in inline so thatd be to much best, I'm just gonna get the 220$ htgsupply brand 1000w with the maxwing upgraded reflector
  5. Maybe you could get LED 600W. NO need for reflector,sockets and ballast ..It is plug and play. Besides more powerful than Hps. Output exact wavelength that plant need.

  6. I do a lot of medical grow setups and I have NEVER had good luck with the China made Greenhouse Ballasts...

    Even though HTG will swap them out for up to a year, you're still have to pay for shipping to them, and then WAIT for the new one to be sent back to you, as your plants are in the dark...

    I stopped using them cheap ballasts just because of that problem..
    Get a quality ballast, you'll be MUCH better off in the long run...

    I also would do 2 - 600w lamps...
    They generate a LOT less heat, and you're going to get MUCH more lumen per watt over the 1000w lamps....

    1000w lamps (standard bulbs) are 140,000 lumen and the 600w lamps are 90,000 lumen..

    It may be a little more up front, but you'll be MUCH happier in the end... ;)

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