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120$ Ounce

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Highest Toker, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. I live in Michigan. I just bought an O for 120$ It weighed out to 28.5 grams
    I was just wondering if that is a good price for high mids.
    I'd appreciate your feedback.
    I also want to know how the price compares to your area.
  2. Good price. Do you happen to have a way to take pictures? :smoke:
  3. Heres a close up of one of the buds.

    Attached Files:

  4. For mids that's not bad at all.

    I get mexi brick for 120 an oz :(
    And I drive 2 hours to get it.
  5. Yeah. Good deal for sure. That's about what I pay for that, too... rep+
  6. Yeah, that looks pretty decent. Nice deal.

    Edit: For comparison I could probably get a halfie of mids in my area for that price.
  7. Thanks guys! Now I gotta go fire it up.

    Stay Lifted. Peace
  8. Same deal I get, my buds look like that too. It's a very good price, my dealer is also one of my close friends which is why I get it for that price.
  9. Wow... sounds like I got a good deal.
    This is like the 3rd O I've bought from this dude.
  10. Thats like the same shit i get for 120 an o
  11. That's not bad at all, I'd pay it. They look pretty legit too for some high mids.
  12. I get high mids from 120 to 150 an o
    Straight price
  13. Wow don't ever pay that much again. You should never pay more than 60/ an O. He's probably just sellin you shwag.

  14. that sucks. you should try your hand at growing
  15. that weed looks pretty good man.
    great pick up for the price.
    i have to pay double that to get an oz of high mids.
  16. My guy gives me that for 100 which is the same price he gets it, but he sells to everyone else 120.
  17. Damn, I want some of that, good pick up. I bet I could get that at 150 an O in my area. I will look into it.
  18. for me that would be an AMAZING deal i geat shwagish mids (seeds barely any sparkle) for about that price..that looks like some DAMN good weed for 120/o
  19. That stuff looks worth more than $120/oz. Keep your guy happy. Looks real nice.
  20. Damn, I'd pick that up by the QP!

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