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120 a half for get me bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by final824, Nov 18, 2014.

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    Been smoking on this the last two weeks, not too bad for $120 a half. Makes me more brain dead than most bud. find myself doing stupid things at work.(dont worry my job doesn't involve the safety of others lol)
    Anyone have tips on how to get better bud shots? My camera just doesn't do well with close up shots.


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  2. Happy toking. :bongin:  :smoking:
  3. use sunlight for better shots
  4. Its dark here atm damn winter
  5. Id your camera doesnt do good with closeups, you can at least crop it for a better pic
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    Sunlight all the way, asks dabs what sunlight did for him

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    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416367008.977824.jpg

    Taken with natural lighting

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  7. Indeed, brother Stone!!! Much love to you my friend.

    At the advice of Stone and some other elite Blades. I was told to use natural lighting..
    My pictures stepped up about 10 levels.

    However, direct sunlight is not advisable, you will have to do a little research on utilizing..

    Diffused Natural Lighting (AKA indirect natural lighting)

    A day when the skies are "overcast" (cloudy) is a perfect day to play with photography outdoors. The clouds diffuse the sunlight , and the true colors can be captured in the imagery.

    When it's really sunny outside, you will need a shaded area to take your pics.

    The last week or so it has been freezing cold and snowy outside, soooo

    I use a large window, in which the sun is not beaming directly onto the subject.

    For extreme close ups (AKA Macro Photography)
    You might need to spend a bit of cash.

    First and foremost ..
    ** tripod or a makeshift tripod, or a means of keeping the camera as stable as possible.
    ** Macro lens and/ or macro setting, this is absolutely essential .. (For example, I just recently upgraded my phone from a 3 year old HTC 8 MP with a very nice macro setting , nice camera all together)

    I just got a Galaxy s5... With a bad ass camera,16 MP and an ultra high resolution ..but it does not have a macro setting.
    So, I still use my old phone with the macro setting for all my close up shots.

    I'm saving up some cash to buy a professional macro lens that affixes to your Smartphone ... And at that point my pics should step up a few more levels.

    I'll come back and edit this post to show you the difference between indoor lighting vs outdoor lighting, and a portrayal of macro setting vs. a regular setting/ lens.

    I googled...
    "Tips on macro photography"

    Many links come up, do a bit of reading...

    Photography is now a very strong passion of mine.
    (You can also click the link in my sig, the first few pages are all indoor lighting, then as you go forward in the thread, you can see the difference when I switch to natural lighting.

    It's like night and day difference .
    -pun intended
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    Here is three examples. .

    First, Indoor artificial lighting

    UK Cheese

    Next, outdoor natural diffused light.

    ^^^^Both of those are taken with the old 8MP Camera with a Macro setting.

    3rd Example, same strain, 16MP s5 pic no Macro

    All the pics are UK Cheese, maybe even the same bud, I'm not sure, I HAD a bunch, but there was one bud I liked in particular.

    These should portray what I'm describing, Natural indirect lighting, tripod and macro lens for the best quality cannabis pix.

    Hope this helps.
    Edit; I wanna show that sometimes, Indoor lighting works with different buds.

    Kind of depends on the color of the flower/subject and actually highlight amber trichomes.


    But check out the difference here..
    Affy (Artificial Light)

    Looks pretty good eh?

    Outdoor Natural

    Also, practice practice practice. ..

    If you look at it as if it were art, a whole new passion develops.
  9. For good bud shots I do what you did with the door but I use a solid white piece of paper. I experiment with different camera and nug distances from each other and the paper until I get a good focus and I snap the shot

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