12 year old Nephew "walked in" on me smoking

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by thedon420, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. So I was smoking in my room on Friday, and after 3 rips from a homemade bong, and 2 from a triple bubbler (also homemade, I'm gatting a nice glass piece when I get the money) I had my bong sitting on a windowsill with the bud partially covered by my curtain my trip. bub. on the floor and my CD storage (more homemade pieces and lighters) was open, all of this visable from the door. anyways my room reeks of weed, so I lean out the window for a cig, and I'm listening to my ipod so I can't hear my nephew knock or open the door. I didn't even know he came in at first, so he grabs the Knex plane from by the door in my room that was holding for him, and leaves.
    I finish my cig and turn off my ipod and hear my doorknob it's my other 6 year old nephew, i moved in time to block his view, and he says his brother took the knex plane from my room.
    so I go downstairs and he tells me how he was "in" my room and I didn't even notice him. I don't think he noticed anything because afterwards he acted completly normal around me, and he didn't say anything when he had the chance, and today he said he just reached his arm in and grabbed the plane.
    I'm watching him tomarrow after school so if he saw anything I'll most likely hear about it then.
    the biggest reason I care is that his father was an abusive sack of shit and my mom watched my nephew on weekdays since he was 2, and he has an enormous amount of respect for me, and I'm almost filling the role of the father figure in his life, and I don't want to damage that relationship.
    I plan on telling my parents about my medical use of marijuana by the end of the week, so I'm not worried about any kind of blackmail.
    All I really need are tips for finding out if he saw anything without giving myself away. I think he knew something was up before he "walked in" on me smoking, but I'm not sure.
  2. He's 12, when I was 12 I was fully aware of marijuana I even tried it my first time (didn't get high) when i was 12.

    And it looks like you have your priorities in order with your parents.

    So maybe people aren't out to get you after all? :D

  3. we unfortunately have a very effective DARE officer in our school district, I thought marijuana was some horrible demon weed until I was 16 and decided to do the research on my own. he's the same way, but I'm pretty sure he'll become more open minded later on in life, I can't wait until the day he's rational enough to smoke a bowl with me (still a few years off)

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