12 tone method

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by MysteryRoach69, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Anyone use 12 tone method to make songs?
  2. i think we discussed that once in a theory class in highschool (coolest class ive ever had HANDS DOWN BY A MILE) but thats where you have to play all 12 notes of a chromatic scale before you can repeat the first one.

    i play guitar so its not really useful, but i did try to sollo like that once and it sounded like shit.

    when i write orchestral type things i do, very rarely tho, its super hard to make a good song that way. more power too you if you can
  3. Thats the challenge.

    The tone row you are using plays a big part to if you just use A, A sharp, B, C, C sharp...ect it sounds like poo poo

    One cool way is to make pentachords (five note chords) that make up the tone row and play those. This method definatly doesn't yield a melodic sound but I have started to enjoy it the more I listen to it

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