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  1. i have 12 outdoor weed plants started from clone all 12 are very helthy the small ones are 2-3 feet tall and the bigger ones are 3-4 feet not to tall but very bushy and stinky
    this is my first grow i was just wondering what yeild dry... i should be thinking of getting from all the plants....the plants look like they have about 3.5 grams on eatch dry and i still have 39 days of budding left .. should i get atleast 10 ozs dry from all 12 plants ?
    or what would i get off one plant dry
  2. what happened to the 2 clone u had before?
  3. still got my 2 purple clones i have tones of plants out this year due to ppl stealing plants, cops killing plants , bugs n deer eating plants , male plants , dieing plants i have my 2 purple clones hiddin really good in a big forest.......... almost impossible to find 2 weed clones in a hudge forest i wanta harvest my 2 clones 4 sure cus of the nice purple buds and i also wanta harvest these 12 for sure cus they look like such nice nugs my other plants are just prob leafy outdoor mid grade so i dont care to much if the mid plants get stolen
  4. Justin you lazy bitch so what if u cant afford ur own weed take some seeds out of the stuff you get and grow your own damn stuff. you just dont steal someones elses hard work. i hope you get whats coming to you.
  5. i do grow my own i grew 40 of my own weed plants this year and stole 90
  6. I honestly could kill someone like you. Meet me in CT. Your body will make good fert for my plants.
  7. what and weere is ct il be there bra
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    You are a thief!

    See HERE for all others!


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    About the thread I linked to above:

    "Thread deleted by AK Infinity
    Reason: Bro this isn't cool, admitting to stealing someone else's plants?"
  9. i may be a weed plant stealer but who els is richer then me plant wise ahahaha nooo buddyy ahahah i got over 500 plants with bear traps at eatch site so go looking 4 em and get killed i dont relele care i was only planning on harvisting about 200
  10. did u use to live in groton? i think i know u :D
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  15. Reported!

    He is such a little liar. 20? 50? 500? plants.

    Well if you have that then i have 1,000,000,000 plants and they have powers to giggle the world:hello:
  16. With the (low) level of "intelligence" he's been displaying I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't have any plants at all and is just a keyboard grower...

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  18. Haha for real i second that, i really hope you fuck with the wrong dude's crop and get your shit handed to you for stealing someone else's hard work.

    -rep for real.

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