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12 day old plants and the cotyledons fell off

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by HOLY Roller, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. so the cotyledons shriveled up over a period of about a week and I checked on them 2 days ago and the cotyledons were all crispy and shriveled up and I touched them and they fell off.
    I was like oh shit what now, well its been two days and the leaves on the seedlings are kind of wilting but its more of a curling downward, and the tips to about 1/3 of the way up each leaf is turning this pale green to a slight yellow at the tips, I see the second set of leaves coming through on one of them and the other plant is still really small. I'd would take some pics but I borrowed my camerae to my sister for her vacation.

    should I start giving them nutes because they have no cotyledons to support them, why did they fall off so soon. need help asap please
  2. Alright so its absolutely normal for cotyledon to shrivel and fall but I bet due to your yellow curling tips I think you have Nute burn and/or a PH problem.

    What type of soil are you using and have you been keeping track of your water ph?

    PS: You shouldn't feed any nutes yet... especially now
  3. They are in rockwool cubes right now and I am using RO water with a Ph around 5.8, I need to get a digital Ph meter, fuckin liquid test kit sucks so much but I haven't got the money to get one they are so damn expensive, thanks for the help though. so I shouldn't give them nutrients, just water?

    the thing with the cotyledons falling off is I have seen plants that have their 3rd or 4th leaf sets and they still have the cotyledons on them, mine barley have a 2nd set, is that normal?
  4. Hi...

    No nutrients for at least two weeks and then at 1/4 strength.

    Good Luck!
  5. yea mine are about 2 weeks old and the cotyledons are yellowing and falling off and shit too...but my plants are green and seem to be growing ok..I got that 1 plant that's the retarded looking uncle..but as a first time grower I feel like that's the norm...
    im using mg seed starting potting mix and they're doing fine
    I've got a 45 watt led for a 3 sq ft grow box..plan on getting more light as they get a little bigger..right now they're noore than 4 inches tall but the most developed plant has 3 sets of true leaves..

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