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  1. It's annoying reading about the "world not ending"...you do know that the day just started, right?
  2. Started 2 hours and 43 minutes ago, I am real baked
  3. you & me both.
  4. its 4pm on the east coast and nothing has happend yet.
  5. Saw a pretty vivid meteor shower this morning around 7:50 MST when I was heading home.

    Shit was badass :hippie:
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    haha what say you on this day ma'am
  7. i'm a woman ;) but i say it's bullshit. I knew it wouldn't end...was just sick of hearing about it!
  8. fixed ;-)

    me too!
  9. haha! thank you...although i'm not sure i feel any better being called "ma'am".

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