12 21 12 the end of days

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  1. its bullshit
  2. my thoughts are its a bunch of bullshit.

    First the Mayan calender which is said to end on that date. Therefore people derive from that the world will end. Even though the calender only restarts.

    Another is that we will be aligned with all the planets or something.. I dont remember but more bullshit.

    And the last thing I heard was we'll die from the poles shifting. This has happened many times during earths existence and takes thousands of years to take place.
  3. I don't agree.. What happens when all the honey bees die..we have four years too live?? because Einstein said???? Hear it but see it as a calender that was written only this far same as Y2k(what was that about again) Live your lives guys we all explode I just want to have lived my life without fear... You will suffer from fear... Keep fear in the peoples Eyes and they will obey
  4. that shit is whack yo
  5. Fo Word
  6. I'll beleive it when i see it.
  7. "Oh man you just stepped in a big pile of dog shit!"

    "... it happens...."

    "...What? ....Shit?"

  8. I think its almost going to be as bad a Y2K was.

  9. I don't care hah. Too bad I can't enslave humanity if this is true :mad:
  10. The Mayans were all reliant on the stars, and on 12/21/2012
    there's a significant thing that happens like one every 76,000 years or so (if I remember correctly)
    I don't think it's the end of days, just something astrologically significant
  11. superstition and things along that line does nothing but make people paranoid.

    fuck it

    pick up the next penny you see laying with tails side up. break a mirror. open your umbrella indoors. and do all that on friday the 13th. you'll be straight.
  12. This won't happen, but boy do I wish it was going to.

    That is the way I want to leave this earth. In the end of the world. I'll have bong in hand, smoke in lungs, and my outdoor voice going "YAAAAWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

    Tis' all superstition though.
  13. all the buildings are gonna melt!!!!!
  14. AHAHAHA, Watch this:


    It's a video put together by that website, fast forward to the 2:00 mark, where it is listing the signs/prophecies of this disaster.

    "The emergance of the antichrist"

    And who does it depict? Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Vladamir Putin. AHAHAHA.

    This whole thing is some evangelical conservative bullshit.
  15. I used to believe in it until I did a lottttt of research. The mayans never really said we were gonna die in 2012. They said its gonna be a "beginning of a new world and an end of an old one". I personally believe something good is going to happen not bad. Maybe a higher state of consciousness? idk im stoned.:D
  16. the world will live on... god is to cruel to put us all out of our misery
  17. wasent its nostradomis that predicted it and didnt everything else he said come true?
  18. hahahaha nice good catch..oh thanks for the person who gave me neg rep for puttin it in the wrong area even tho I noted I did it purposely

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