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    Will be using this 4x2x5 Apollo horticulture tent for flowering only, as of right now King's Kush is in the tent and now on 12/12. Wish me luck. Vegged her for 2 months
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    Under a 400watt hps in a huge yield lab II 8" hood. Planning to get a 1000w cool tube in here
  3. You need to do some research on defoliation and consider super cropping
  4. I was looking into super cropping, I'll probably try that. I'll keep the defoliation in mind
  5. sorry, fucked up
  6. but to reiterate, yes, that is a very good idea and has not been talked about much for small home growers, and that is setting up a very special 12/12 flowering tent.
  7. I mean think about it, pot is legal, and just about everybody has pot vegging as a house plant and then their small 12/12 flowering tent.
  8. I thought about using the tent as a veg tent, but then I looked at my 6x4x5'5 and it was not that reflective as the tent. So I figured I might need more light in the flowing stage, then in veg stage. Will be adding a few other strains in there when they arrive, stay tuned if you'd like. Thanks for your input
  9. And for the legal part, I don't thinks it's entirely legal in California. But I mean hey, they're pretty much permitting us to grow cannabis with a rec, so why not?
  10. Absolutely perfect
  11. Thank you, I'm trying lol
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    Goodmorning, went in my 4x2 to check on my girl this morning and she's already starting to smell real nice. Forsure going to need to buy a carbon filter, probably get that next week or so
  13. Also fed her 2 1/2 tsp of nectar for the gods herculean harvest about two days
  14. Hi. Looks nice babe . Good luck xxx
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  15. Hey, thank you x2
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  16. Check out my ready to harvest thread it's been 12/12 from bag seed would like any input when to harvest

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  17. My humidity was at 76 this morning with light off when I went to check my flower tent. Does anyone know how I can lower my humidity??

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