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  1. How long from start to finish? Will have indoors under 120w lights. What would the yield be like?

  2. yield should be 1 kilo
  3. I think your gonna get a lot of troll(y) answers sadly. From my understanding its very hard to estimate the amount of yield without knowing the strain or lights temps soil...even then, it's hard to tell....it's mainly up to the grower to do their thing...but with practice I'm sure you will get it! :)
  4. Depends.

    But, most likely 2.5 months give or take. Generally it's 8 weeks after pistils appear, plus or minus based on what strain.

    Yield could be anything up to 1 gram per watt, which seems to be the magical number that means you know your shit. More realistically, expect .25-.50 grams per watt if you do a decent job of giving her what she needs. Imo, ofc. :wave:

  5. thanks bro
  6. Np. :smoke:

    First grow be happy with finishing at all lol. Then get to work and get better.

    2 years ago I thought I had a black thumb. Now I find not only can I keep a weed alive, I can do well enough to get her pretty fuckin yummy. You're going to love watching your babies grow up into something like these here. Good luck dude.

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    You will get a better yeild if you use a veg light cycle until they show preflowers. Also less likely to produce a hermaphrodite.

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