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12/12 from seed test

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by prodream, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. To play devil's advocate, it is kind of hard to show people how it really goes if the plant was extremely stunted. I like the little plant, but a small pot will not let it grow out properly. I would have to imagine that is part of the reason Dr. Bud's method works/worked for him. The 20oz bottles cut down growth enough to fit in the cabs. It does look great though. Keep on growin.

  2. What method would that be?
  3. Search Dr. Bud Greengenes. Also wanted to apologize for the above post. I sounded a little assholeish. I had a bit to much to drink Last night and was acting out of order.
  4. I found a stunted little plant late summer one year on a construction site growing from morel rock and sand. She was @ 3 leaf sets and already had a few pistils. I dug her up, brought her home and grew her outdoors in a 1 gallon pot of perlite, crushed red brick, and sand. She yielded about a quarter oz of some fine bud, real skunky. Not sure what variety, but whoever says stunted plants can't yield great smoke has obviously never tried it.
  5. thats so fucking cool!
  6. No matter what people say, that looks cool as hell!!
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    Thanks for all the comments, the pland does not grow any bigger, but it produces everyday more and more hairs. The pistils turnung all brown an the sugarleaves makes my fingers real sticky. One important thing is that there is really really no smell. I will update soon with pics. Thanks again for following...I will grow 10 more days, I will go on holiday on 29th of aug. Last 3 days will be a total dark period.

  8. so, on that date how many days will it have been?
  9. Hoq do you feel about watering with blackstrap molasses once, a week or so before harvest and flush? I've heard it really stimulates sugar production and improves taste.
  10. This grow will be 1000% pure. Just water..maybe next time :)

    At the harvest day, it will be exactly 65days from seed 12/12
  11. Dude I'm doing the samething and that bud will just keep growing up if you keep it. That plant looks sick I wish mine would grow thick like that just keep it an see how big a bud you can make. That's my goal
  12. Tomorrow I will put her into total darkness for 3 days and then chop her. Last update pics will follow tomorrow. Sorry for not updating with a lot of pics. but believe there is not a big change since the last update. Peace
  13. Hi again,

    Here are the pics, the plant will stay 3 days in darkness, then I will choop her.

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  14. so bushy i like it and there is no such thing as to many pic updates believe it or not every pic has a lil more growth then the last and some times it hard to tell but always worth it :D
  15. Your telling me that if I plant like 20 seeds and start them all on 12 12 with flowering lights and a few daylights for a wider spectrum that in theory if I get 10 females I can get a decent amount of bud for this? I've been vegging for 3 or 4 weeks and my plants are not that tall (My lights are sooooo terrible, flowering lights are great though). When did you determine sex? I could get a zip from a 25 by 15 by 15 inch box?
  16. Can you put nutes on a 12/12?

    but that plant looks like a mini christmas tree marijuana form.
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    Its called sea of green
  18. ya i usually start my nutes when i flip to 12/12 but this time i started nutes when they were 20 days old and they took it just fine
  19. Sure you can. Yea she looks like a dwarf preparing himself for his best attack:p

    For the pic updates, yes those chics change everyday but mine is a real dwarf, you don't see any changes :)
  20. I'm curious about a few things. How much wattage are you using? You say there isn't much smell, so like does it smell at all or just a little bit? Yield? How big is your pot that contains your pot?

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