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  1. Hello everyone,

    After reading a lot of journals, I just tried a 12/12 from seed method. There are a lot of "talk" about this method and I want to show you how this really goes. I used bagseeds(I have a thousends of them) 2x 23w 2600k and 1x 23w 6500k bulbs total of 70watts mixed spectrum for 1 plant. What I only did wrong is not to transfer the plant into a bigger pot early. The baby was 30 days in a small cup so the growth was really stunned. This grow started on 20th of June. So this makes apprx. 50 days. 12/12 from seed. I will update the pics every 3-4 days. This grow is mega organic, I just used tap water, no nutes.

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  2. How many seeds would u get from a plant that size if pollinated?
  3. I really don't know I've never pollinated. The seeds are from the hermies that I bought before.. Don't tell me that I am a dumbass who buys hermies, thats the only kind that we can find here... From a 4-5 cm long bud, I get at least 30-40 seeds...
  4. 30-40 seed from a 4-5 centimeter long bud?
  5. I wonder if a clone from that plant with stunted growth would also show characteristics be being smaller.
  6. Yea unfortunately thats the only weed we can find here.. How disappointing right? :(

    The plant is so small there is only one small main cola thats all.. It is impossible to take clones from it. It has no branches at all.. I will finis this grow on 24 aug. and start a new one at the first week of sept. but this time I will start 18/6 for 1,5-2 weeks than 12/12.. this was just a test grow ya..
  7. Thats rough man, I bet youll get a nice smoke out of this little one tho. How much taller do you think it will get?
  8. I don't think it will get taller. Maybe a cm or a one and half cm
  9. Good work man, great little project, immediate results. It's great. Looks Good.
  10. Hey thanks, I hope this grow gives others the main idea... Thanks for stopping by
  11. This totally answers a question I had been meaning to ask. Thank you for this! Any idea on the dry weight/yield of that girl?
  12. I think wet 10-12g and dry 3-4g. I am planning for the next grow to start with the biggest pot without transplanting, 1,5 or 2 weeks of veg(18/6) and then switch to 12/12. This will makes the girls grow a lttle bit more and produce more of course. I still can not decide if I should use nutes or go all the way organic? Any tipps??
  13. I took some pics, its is exactly day 51.
    No nutes, fully organic. Reminder: this baby was in a small cup for 30 days therefore it is so small.

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  14. I can totally see myself popping 30 seeds in 30 cups for 50 days, 12/12. You think you'd be able to top them to get two colas?
  15. That's a cool little plant, good job!!!

    I did 12/12 with 1 gal sand buckets, got a zip per plant. They were over 3' tall, lol.
  16. My plant is 40 days old 35 into flower. It was under a 6w led panel. No signs of sex yet. My question is "wtf"?

    I assume it was the low power light that was keeping it from "flowering" so i moved it into my cp case the other day.
  17. I have no place and enough light for 30 cups :))

    I don't know if topping after day 50 of flowering will work.
  18. I meant topping at the start, say, day 10 from seed?
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    That would def. work, this is not an auto. I may try this with one of my plants for you at the next test. I will start it around mid sept. I will veg the girls for the first two weeks at the start then change to 12/12
  20. This is an awesome little plant bro! How long are you going to flower her and How much do you think your going to yeild from it?

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