12/12 10/14 8/16 flowering

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TooFastForYou, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Whats your Guy's thoughts on less than 12 hours of light for flowering? Better? Worse?
  2. I flower 13/11! The point of a dark cycl is
    To create the flowering hormone which is destroyed during the light cycle! Soo more dark just might equal more hormones so this would cause Mabey faster growth?! Not
    Sure man try all 3 see what happens
  3. Its less light for the plant to make food but IDK maybe it should be focusing on budding more. I suspect that the reason yellowing occurs during budding is because the plant reverts all of its stored food into making flowers. My guess is that with less light, you will prob see more yellowing on leave and maybe a gain in bud size but you need a control plant which kind of means three rooms to properly experiment with this theory.

    Also, I know that some stressing can lead to denser trich coverage but how much stress is too much stress in bud? IDK.
  4. Hahaha good part about bud is they can revert from almost any stress also you got your self a hermie and that calls for a lot! I personally prefer to top my plants once than I top all the new tips and leave her be best plant thus far quarter pound comodo dragon of course outdoors though!!

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