11l hand water, semi-wet/dry cycle multiple strains

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  1. Hi all, first proper thread here, 2nd coco grow (experienced in all others except dwc) so as this is my 1st thread please forgive me if I repeat or appear to follow no logical order haha!
    Attic 1.2x2m floor space, 2x600w dual spectum in Cool tubes with insulated ducting. Rhino filter and primeair controller set at 27C, with intake and extraction from opposite eaves of the house roof. Fan for circulation.

    Feed; Dutch master gold range (currently 3ml/l) plus weekly supplement of AN recovery for calcium, magnesium traces. (just started this to combat losing older lower leaves, 1week on and no more loss of leaf so far!). Hand water 2l every 2-3 days on a semi wet/dry cycle (I have tiny white media springtails so do this to control population numbers) so far all looks good! Ph is 5.7-5.8 self balanced by feed (always leave my water for 24hrs to dissipate unusable calmag etc in water).

    11l pots.
    4x grapefruit (female seeds)
    1x bubble gummer [horizontal grow] (female seeds)
    1x amnesia haze (royal queen seeds)
    1x big Buddha cheese (Buddha seeds ;from clone)

    6l pots.
    Super lemon haze (greenhouse seeds)
    Blue cheese
    Blueberry (Dutch passion ;clone)

    2l pots ( peripheral extras)
    White rhino
    Purple no.1

    All @ day 18 since light regime chnged to flower.

    Copies of each plant have been taken and begging under a 250w in a meter square cupboard

    I can post a pic of my veg space but not flower until after 6pm ;) check out my crazy gf4 clone, the stalk has went mental on it, like genetically coded to double it's output... Almost like a Siamese conjoined plant!

    Any comments, suggestions or questions please feel free to ask and post!

    Peace :)

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  2. Flower space

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  3. Grapefruit no.2 just to give an idea of average size of flowering plants, about
    4ft high.

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