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11 grams of my half o i bought earlier...

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Androo, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. chineese food is good

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  2. looks bomb....
  3. 150 but fuck thats what it all goes for right now but we dont got any shwag or shit, and i thought i was going to sell it all an make my money back so i can buy more but i already smoked 4 grams or somethign i forgot FUck ahhh ok o wellz mabye next time
  4. btw 100th post
  5. YUMMMMMMM! dang i wish i could copy that and toke it up :D :smoke:
  6. good stuff is never cheap
  7. lol i do the same thing...ill buy half an o thinking im gonna sell half...but i just end up smokin it all...oops
  8. looks damn nice adn nice piece too.:)
  9. Looks real good... 1/2 O of good stuff around here is usually 200$. yeah I'm usually pretty good about making my money back. But thats just cuz I rip kids that I dont like off. :rolleyes: enjoy!

  10. i can get a quater of some really good bud for
  11. wow

    I can get an Oz. of that for $150



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