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11 Day Ikd Seedling

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by iseesmurfs420, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Not the best box but its only in there till it gets big enought o go flower outdoor. Here it is.

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  2. looks like a 25 watt compact floro
  3. Ya it was a little close but I moved it down its fine. One bulb is 25 the other is 26 but I moved my outdoor into a new box with this one Ill post pics in a few days.

  4. whoes the man!!! w00t!
  5. Sad news :( . My friends mom found the plants and killed them. I am so dissapointed. This year I thought I could finally do a grow but they were killed. This really sucks. The thing that sucks most is I had an outdoor that was doing good but I thought Id bring it inside to veg. If I didnt do that Id still have my Thai left. All I have left to say is enjoy your grows because I wont be able to do one for another year. :(
  6. in who house where the plants... was it in your house, or your friend..
  7. Friends house

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