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    Anyone watching this, fun time travel show with James Franco.
  2. I am, actually just got done watching the latest episode. loving it so far.
  3. The pacing is so fast, you dont realize how far along they are until they go "oh shit we should have spent the last 2 years learning Russian"
  4. Yeahh I've been watching it. I dig it. I gotta watch this week's episode. Kind if a drag it's only gonna be 8 episodes long.

    I've read this adaptation strays a lot from source material, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  5. awesome show, and I hear people say television series are all shit now (same people say "apart from breaking bad" everyone watched that though) but I feel things are getting better really. There have been so many good shows lately.
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  6. Jeez that episode turned into a Hannibal or Dexter episode for a while

    That shit was gruesome.
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  7. With such a short series, it's hard to get over the typical filler episode.

    I liked the episode, but I just wish they'd get on with it. Haha.

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