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    Trying to be patient but come on. I flipped 9 gdp clones almost 4 months ago. pistols appeared 3-4 weeks after that (slow?) week 11 1/2 now since pistols showed & the pistols on the very top flowers are still white. The trichomes are all solid white with no orange yet. Overcrowded? (4'x5' grow bathroom). the "low growing" plants are 7 foot & well above my light. Plants are sagging.My plan is just wait out the tricomes regardless. Any better plan?
  2. in 4 months of 12/12 i get pure sativas done.

    you should post some pics.
  3. Yes, so have I in other grows, but only indica, so far. Hence the ???'s
  4. TRUST ME I KNOW, & don't know how, nor the phone to do so, sorry. Anything helpful? or just bustin my onions?
  5. hold on to your onions but no one can say how ripe your plants are without pics but if your plants overgrew the lights supercrop them. also shortening the light period to 11 or 10hrs of light may help them finish. all i can say without pics.
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  6. thanks, i'll look into it. before smart phones we used words to describe things.
  7. 10 hours on go for it . Bathroom. wow the wife must love it !!!!
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  8. Not as much as you'd think considering all her fav bud I grow. 1 bathroom for growing & another for drying, app 2 wks 3x a year. :Love-Plant:
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  9. changed the light to 10 on & 14 off. top pistols have begun to change from white to rust already, THANKS! it shouldn't be long now. :gc_rocks:
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