1000watt splitter - Anyone?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by DrManhattan, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I was searching stuff on Ebay while I stumbled in to this.

    SunPulse Splitter USE 1000w HPS Ballast for 2 600W Bulbs

    SunPulse Splitter USE 1000w HPS Ballast for 2 600W Bulb | eBay

    It means the two bulbs will run about 500 watt each?

    Anyone using it and know about this device?

    Willing to share your opinion?

    I was going to improve wattage and buying 2x 600 watter, would be a nice running them with just one 1k ballast.

  2. Funny, I asked about this on my Cheese journal. I just installed mine on Sunday and it works. I use mine over a 3x6 tray and yes they are running at 500w.
  3. Thank you very much! Do you know if they work on both magnetic / digital ?
  4. I couldn't tell you, I'm using mag.
  5. "Split every 1000w HPS lighting system (with magnetic ballast) into two 600w SunPulse lighting systems!"

    Right from the ebay product details, but who knows maybe it works on digis
  6. That is kind of interesting...
  7. Yeah, I've read that in the description, to be more precise, I'd like to know if there are any working with digital too.
  8. I would go with two 600 watt ballast, that splitter is kinda pricey. If your gonna fork over the cash for two hoods and two bulbs, I would spend the extra 100 bucks and get the most out of your gear. 1000 watts vs. 1200 watts, thats a 18% drop in power which is 18% less bud which equates to being 18% less high that translates to everything sucking 18% more.

    your call though:D
  9. Yeah there's another one called Flipbox

    >The ALL NEW Powerbox™ FLIPBOX™ allows any ballast to run 2 lights (non-simultaneously). The Powerbox™ FLIPBOX™ works with magnetic and new digital ballasts and allows you to expand

    Flipbox by Powerbox | Grow Light Accessories
  10. You're completely right

    I don't like this part: non-simultaneously ;)

  11. That could have some practical allocations though...
  12. Actually, tell me if I'm wrong, what's the point to buy an additional device to simply switch power ? Can't you just split the current in a sort of "y", and use 2 timers to both ends?
  13. so the the grid isn't a constant source of streaming energy, for about 1000 watts, you get around 1200 watts. The Splitter is designed to work with Sunpulse, you'll get the best efficiency you can from old school magnetic core and coil HPS ballasts. The lamps have a 2 year warranty.

    i just talked to a rep and this makes sense, so it is 600w each cause the mags are so ineffecient they put out 1200w correct?

    and its ONLY MAGNETIC!!!!
  14. digging this up, but does anyone know if they only work with sunpulse? bulbs?

    I now is says sunpulse bulbs only, but on amazon i seen this splitter with ipower cheapo bulbs paired by other customers.

    my lumatek 600w hps just took a shit (less than 3.5 years old) and my retailer doesnt do anything after 30days. everyones tellin me just give it up and buy another ballast so im looking at going big with 1k. my current rig is using a 600w mh conversion bulb and 600w hps, both ushio.

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