1000w hps won't light

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by holiwood420, May 25, 2010.

  1. i have a 1000w agro star hps wired for 120v that isn't lighting. i've replaced the bulb, and ignitor, and it still won't fire up. the cap looks fine, it's not blown. the transformer looks a little crisp, but it hums. i've checked all the wires from the plug to the socket and it all has power. i know the bulb isn't bad, they've been checked. anyone have any ideas on what's wrong?
  2. ...have you tried leaving the light/ballest on for 10 minutes? I once had a problem using a magnetic ballest....after reading the instructions, they mentioned letting the light/ballest run for 10 minutes to let the gases build up.
  3. don't know if it was 10 minutes....but i let it sit for a few....i'll try it again now. i just bought this off of craigslist so there weren't instructions. i'm hoping i don't have to shell out even more for a rebuild kit.

  4. yeah I had a ballast take awhile kickon it was more like 30-40 seconds.If it wired right and it wont work than i would say ur transformer is junk if everthing else has been replaced.U shoulda just got rebuild kit.get ohm meter chek wires
  5. i have an ohm's meter...what should i set it on and where should i check it? what should the results be? sorry, i'm not completely sober atm and the answers are probably obvious.
  6. ...I read up on Hortilux bulbs, and they don't recommend using them with digital ballest. Have you looked up on the bulb you have?

    If your ballest watts match your bulb's watts you shouldn't be having a problem. idk, good luck though.
  7. I know you have probably already done this but have you checked to see if the outlet you are using is working properly?
  8. it's not a digital. it's magnetic. i bought a new bulb at htg supply, even had the guy test it, saw it light with a digital ballast. i bought an ignitor because it was cheaper than the rebuild kit @ $109. looks like i'm gonna be buying one any way.

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