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  1. so im going to grow 15 lowryders and inwanted to know how many 1000 hps lights i needed.. and how many plants could i put under each light.

    thanks in advance!
  2. wattage is usually based on how many feet your grow space is, not on the number of plants. I cant remember the ratio but im sure your local hydroponics store can tell you if you call them up or something. I only have one 600watt hps light over 14 plants and they were just put into flowering. THey range from 15-30 inches because some of the clones were bought later then others.
    hopefully this helped

  3. so i could put 15 plants under the 1000 hps without a
    problem? since u are doing fine with ur 600 than surely 1000w will perform just as well with 15 plants? also, since my dwarfs usually grow to 20 inches i should be fine, right?
  4. i use a white botanicare flood type 4 x 6 table. I grow in coco, using 7"x7" white square pots. on a mover, i put 54 plants under each 1000w HPS. Maybe 1 week veg at the most.

  5. so the answer is yes, one 1000w light for vegging and flowering 15 autos is good?1000w MH for vegging, 1000w hps for flowering?
  6. don't even screw around, use both lights for flowering? i would....
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    ive read mh is much better for veg than a hps and hps is much better for flowerinf. thats why they make conversion bulbs. which is what i am going to use

    there is also a dual spectrum bulb i see right now which is 600w hps and 400w MH. so i could have one bulb with both lights on the while grow
  8. don't use conversion bulbs...look at their lumen ratings and you'll see why. and screw that dual arc $250.00 bulb. get the cheapest bulb you can get that's still a good horticulture bulb. buy them by the case, and replace them after every grow. you'll do better that way. trust me! ive done it myself. you have to look at the lumen rating. that 600/400 is a rip off. you're better off investing in a 600 and a 400 then, way cheaper to replace the bulbs over time. i veg under HPS, been doing it for years.
    go to Sunmaster.com and eyehortilux.com and read their lumen reports.
  9. or get a dimmable 1000w electronic galaxy ballast. then you can start your clones under the 400 setting and move up to the 600 watt setting, then use the 1000 watt setting. you can even select MH or HPS on the ballast. very cool.
  10. You can really accomplish alot with 1 x 1000watt hps... I have one that covers my entire forrest... all you need is a light rail! there not that expensive ether! I know we got over 35 under this one haha.


  11. i would assume so but idk the space your growing them in. be careful and cautious of burning the plants at that temp, cuz if the light is too low and at 1000watt its a possibilty
  12. how much was the light rail and where can i buy one?
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    haha I found them at a local grow shop but im sure they could be found online. very handy!

    Edit: it was used for like $60 I think. A very smart buy

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