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1000W HPS = $180 a month!!! What is your electricity cost ?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by prodigyru, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I wanted to share how much it costs me per month to grow ganja indoors.

    Setup details:

    One (1) 1000W HPS light in (120 sq ft) room

    12 plants, in 10 gallon pots. 6 Weeks of Vegetative growth

    Total Growing period - 4 months (seed to harvest)

    Monthly electricity cost for vegetative growth - $240 (24/0 cycle)

    Monthly electricity cost for flowering growth - $120 (12/12 cycle)

    Average yield - 1,5 lbs (12 plants), Strains - White Widow & Durban Poison

    Please share your cost of electricity as I am curious why my electrical bill is so high.
  2. call your local electric company and ask them if they will replace your old light bulbs with new energy effecient light bulbs. they switched out my whole house for free with bulbs that save you money.
  3. wow. so it still costs 720$ to grow 24 ounces!!

    seems like lots but thats only 30$ an oz...

    I tell you what though, if our 800W bulb makes our bill go up 80% of what yours is (140$ a month) the show is getting stopped instantly!!!
  4. Guys, post your $ figures :rolleyes:
  5. Old setup:
    2x1000w 24/7 = 160.00/mo

    New setup:
    1x 1000w HPS (12/12)
    6x 4ft cfl's(t5) (24/7)
    1x 150hps (24/7)
    1x 300w cfl (24/7)
    6x water pumps
    1x Exhaust fan (1800cfm) (24/7)
    2x Huge moving Fans (24/7)
    2x Air Pumps (24/7)
    = $180.00/mo + living $60.00/mo =$240.00/mo

    60(or so) plants in veg(all times)
    40(or so) plants in bud(all times)
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    How big are your plants? Mine are quite large. Abot 4-5ft tall.

    Nice! Is there a reason why you mix HPS with cfl lights ?
  7. All the CFL's are in my veg, and the 150w HPS is too.

    Plants range from 1ft-3ft tall. scrog. 8 stage system, harvest every 2 weeks.

  8. Not bad. I only grow twice a year to get me and my gf through the year.

    How many oz do you get per plant ?
  9. 1oz per plant.. is my normal. some times less, some times more.

  10. That is a pretty cool setup you have there. Unfortunately i can't do more then 12 plants at a time (local law, you know). Therefore i grow them large.

    However your setup seems pretty efficient. I'd like to see more people post their monthly cost, along with the setup.
  11. thanks.. :) Yeah.. I wish I could say mine was legal.. ;)
  12. That figure sounds outrageous!. I ran a 600W ballast system and barely noticed an increase in my bill. i would say at the most its like $20 usd over than what my bill would usually be.
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    The problem.....

    Why would you veg with that monster? I am assuming you are using your 1000 watt hps to veg? If you are, you could save a lot of money and be getting much better growth and yield by switching to some t5s for veg. www.dchydro.com

    And even if you are using a metal halide i am sure you could get equivalent growth out of t5s for a lot less money..... how many plants do you veg at a time and how tall do you grow them?

    How much does a KWH cost from your electric company?
  14. I'm confused as to the total cost but... if you're saying that the light alone is responsible for that much of the total bill then...

    Veg: 28.8Kwh/day, 201.6Kwh/Week, 864Kwh/Month(30)
    Flr: 14.4Kwh/day, 100.8Kwh/Week, 432Kwh/Month(30)

    Veg is 6 weeks so, 1209.6 total Kwh
    Flowering is 10 weeks so, 1008 total Kwh

    If your bill is $240 for 864Kwh and $120 for 432Kwh then you are spending $0.2778 cents per Kwh on average. My guess is that you're paying about $0.12 for the first 300 or so, and then maybe closer to $0.24 for the next 200 and then maybe $0.38 for the last 300 or so.

    All those prices are what I pay here in the bay area in Ca. It's absolutely rediculous, I know! I pretty much had to get a 400w just to keep our total bill under $120 per month.

    Add in a 1200w AC unit, a couple fans, TVs, computers, stove/oven, and lighting... eeeyah... Growing indoors is not cheap, build yourself an outdoor green house and love how cheap the sun is :)
  15. I would reduce your veg cycle to 18/6 or 20/4 i find that by reducing the cycle to 18/6 not only saves me money, but the plants are less stressed and much happier and healthier, also a 1000w burns alot of power keep in mind that your electric company reads your usage in Kilowatt hours and im sure that you have caluculated out how many amps you use every billing period, but you may have unconsiously exceeded thier limit and they may have moved you up a "tier" in pricing, what this means is that, for example a comany might charge you 10 cents a KWH as long as you only use less than 100 KWH and as soon as you go to 101 KWH they will charge you 20 cents a KWH for your total usage, and as you can see it can get quite spendy, what you can do is call your doctor and try and get them to fill out some paperwork showing that there is somone in the house that ha medical conditions that require high energy usage, and this will extend the ammount of KWH you can use untill you get boosted up to the next "tier" in prices. Also i'm not sure what state you live in, but if you have a perscription in california, you may want to invest in growing outdoors as it saves you a ton of money, produces about 4 lbs a plant, and does't cost you a damn thing other than water, nutes, and preventative measures to make sure critters and poeple dont make off with your herb.

  16. we have done a side by side test, and HPS grows veg plants better then MH.

    we had 1 of each(1000w). and the plants under the hps grew faster and bigger then the ones under MH.

    I've vegged with a 1000wMH, I would go with a 400w HPS next time.. imo
  17. To the OP, your kilowatt hour cost seems very high at over 33¢ per, I pay about 11-12¢ per.
  18. Yeah, I would love to build a greenhouse and grow outdoors, but it's December. Days are short, it's going to take forever for flowering to start
  19. 10 gallon pots inside man they must get pretty fucking tall if they are sativas I cant go above 4 gal bc they will hit my lights

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