1000 w md cool deluxe and Topping

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  1. Hey All, Want to let you know that i did alot of reading on this site and used alot of the info to build, buy, and get growing. Everyone here contributed in one way or another, Thanks to everyone things are growing well.

    Here's the stat's
    1 1000 w MH cool deluxe (new)
    4 1/2 ft x 5 1/5 room
    Comfy 75 - 80 light, 65 dark
    18 / 6
    vented cool air intake
    vented outdoor exhaust fan
    Have not started to use nutes yet due to the previous problems i had
    I had to flush the plants out to get rid of a salt build up on top of the soil. It's been 3 days since then and they're getting needy for water. I was going to Start the Nute program today.
    Going to use Dutch Nutrient Formular A and B 1/2 strength
    I have been spraying Organic Growth Plus , Kelp base formula, mix just what your going to use for that spray sesion. I think it helped. New growth looks better normal leave are there.
    good fan air circulation
    Ph water checked, checked again then checked again before wateing.
    Using decent soil for now, however i'm topping and cloning then transplanting to larger 10 " pots

    I had some heat, light, temp issues and caused some serious stress to the ladies and myself. I felt there pain so to speak so I found myself here. The new growth is super !! none of the previous problems grew back with the new growth. I never topped them cause i wasn't sure where,when, how but found that here. Question is this, plants have never been topped before (due to bad growing conditions ect..) they are 16" to 2 ft above the soil line. The top of the plant is 2 ft from the bottom of the halid light. How much should i top off the plant to play it safe ? and using the rooting hormone powder is it a good idea ?

    This was my plan

    top 4" to new growth leaves not the fan leaves, 45 cut dip in powder, stick in water ( bottled ) and wait for roots on the window sill or can i put the cuttings in water under the MH.

    Here's some pics. Keep in mind i had a salt lock on the pots, leaves were twisting, curling, some spoting from spraying water on them, PH was off on the water ect.... Leaves cuping. The lower leaves are a mess and i'm not sure if i should cut them off or just let the plant tough it out. I got a pic of the "twisted sisters" which was the worst of the plants. I droped a fair amount of cash to set myself up nicely but i'm lacking expirience so I turned to this site and got back on track but i still need help. I look at some of the pics on here and even though this is the sick plant forum everyones eles plants look so much better then mine. I'm tring to turn that around with your info so take a look, any suggestions on Topping these particular plants at this stage or anything eles you think needs to be done let me know, Thanks Trilby:hello:

    PS I have had problems attaching the pic files and reduced there sizes there should be 4 pics, I hope they attached to this message and you can see them okay

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  2. Top off however much you want. If you are going to use them as clones you should take about 2-3 nodes. Rooting hormone/powder is a good idea to start clones. Put the clones in the periphery of the HID light. Don't put them right under it. Your light distance from the plant is ok especially if you had heat/burn issues. Looks like your plant had some fert burn or something too. Maybe it is starting to get N deficient. N deficiency is sometimes started by leaf cupping. Do you know the PH of your soil?
  3. HIGH All, Phosphrus Deficiency is my guess....here is a great guide by MynameStitch....grow to "Phosphorus (P) Mobile Element and Macro Element" and it will tell you what you need to do.
  4. Thanks for the great info link to Stitches Guide. What a huge score !! I've read it so much and have found out alot of things i was doing trying to help out was working against me... Thanks again,, Trilby

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