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Discussion in 'General' started by thisisnotreal, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. i'll smoke a bowl to that.

    this is my 2900th post for the record.

    gonna hit the big 3-oh-oh-oh in no time
  2. nice man, i fucking missed mine today.
  3. haha 3000 is nuts! i just hit my new 18 inch bong and am fucking riiiiiiiiiiiiped. you guys feelin alright tonight?

  4. 18 inch bong? nice, glass right? Thats awesome.

    I just picked up my 4:20 supply and am just starting to warm up for tommorow. I'm sobering up, i think the bong is calling :bongin:

    EDIT: i couldn't give you any rep for 1000th post, sorry:

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to thisisnotreal again.
  5. Thatisnotreal
  6. Good shit homie.

    Ill be there soon.
  7. i'm right there with ya Rasta :smoke:

    congrats TINR :bongin:
  8. this is not real....this is not real...please god, THIS IS NOT REAL!
  9. hilarious
  10. haha thanks everyone.
  11. Congrats man!!! :hello: :hello:
    You laugh but you are on the exact same track as me...4,925. :smoking::smoking::wave::hello::hello:
  12. One of these days, DBW i'll catch up to you.

    It may be awhile. You'll probably be nearly the age i am now by the time THAT happens, but you'll just be like "oh no! Rasta_Man beat me!' and me, well i'll just laugh.
  13. congrats man. i'm not even at 500 yet... no race though.... *goes and posts in every thread on every board*
  14. R_M, It's a race against time my friend. If you happen to out live me, I'll send you my ashes to sprinkle on that beautiful Canadian soil. Oh wait..we weren't being sappy we were talking interworld. Yeah bitch, just bring it. :smoke:
  15. Nice, man, it'll be a while before I get there. Heh.
    I've never even got rep yet, or hit 100. :(

    Well, I'm off to smoke a bowl/cig then watch Cheech and Chong! :)
  16. hell you could probably smoke those ashes and get high.
  17. Well then you do have something to look forward to if you outlast me... :laughing:

  18. that smiley made your post LOL
  19. damn looks like im way behind better start posting a lil more;)

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