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  1. rock on with your bad selves! congrats~ :)
  2. lol thnx. i gotta loooong trip till 1000! lol :smoke:
  3. NuBBiN just has to be the center of everything. NuBBiN, settle down, it's not your birthday party!!!!

    Congrats on your 100, Sensimil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's 103 now!
  4. i have a few..dont know how many...
  5. 86 til 1000....wahoo!!!!judging by my posting rate, that will be accomplished in about 4 days or so..unless i get high..then it will be 2 or so..anyway...im gonna get high tomorrow or tonight:D..wahoo..weed..mmmm
  6. lol you people crack me up :smoking: :smoking:

  7. Do I sense a little jealousy over being worn down rmjl?..I think so..MUAHAHAHAHA!...and Ive already worn both amanita AND the rainman down in less than a week!....next victim...BUDBURNER...im only 1 post behind him..so im thinkin that wont be too hard..then its off to CRITTER!..and then the ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. OK I'm not a competetive person....
    BUT!!! Just for RMJL...

    I hit 1200 last night.

    so take THAT, NuBBiN!!!!! muahahahAHAHAHA back AT YOU! ;)

    now go back to conquering the world, i'm sure you'll be beating my ass within a matter of weeks, or even days...

    i just had to pipe in for RMJL ;) keep on keepin' on!
  9. tsk tsk tsk ganjaphish..I thought we'd get along just fine...but now you've forced me to put you on my list of people to wear down.....im sorry...but its on now baby!...rarrrr!
  10. nubbin...hank...my dear friends...that rarr was the weakest...most inferior, non ominous growl i have ever heard...it strikes fear into the hearts of none...and for that...you are on MY list!!...MY list is shrowded in mystery and pain, written with the blood of its unknowing victims...soiled with their feces ejaculated in fear...and im done or i will give too much away...mwahahahahahahahahahaha..oops.. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!!!
  11. I was really excited about getting my turn of torture from the Ice Cream Man but now Norm has a list, and I don't know what to think of Norm sometimes. He might really do some damage to a persons mind. So, is there any way to get OFF of the lists? I would like to opt out if at all possible for the sake of my sanity.
  12. OFF *MY* LIST?!......hahahaha.....hahaha......HAHAHAHAHAHA
    im high...really all you gotta do is sneak away when im laughing my ass off like this...BUT..if im not high, and i catch you sneaking away..i will put you in the darkest recesses of my castle of torture..i will put you in the dankest, stankest, wettest, most bug infested, spider infested, blackest place on the face of the earth..and place so dark and cold and full of hatred, it actually radiates a chill from its very walls and chains..a place so dark and cold its as if every single shadow from the entire world were summoned to this one pit of hell...this hell, is hell's hell...the walls are lined with chains and whips, and stained with vomit, blood, feces, and urine, the dank air reeks of death and evil, yes, evil so this it can be felt, it can be heard, evil that can be smelled and even tasted...the room is completely dark containing one prisoner currently HANK...he is the only one on this list right now..for he is the only one who has crossed me, he is surrounded by such dank, dark, coldness that his only enemy is his mind, he is driven crazy by the thoughts going rampant in his mind, when deprived of every other sense his mind believes that tortorous thought of pain and suffering is his reality, he feels his thought with every nerve in his entire body, that is his nightmare become reality...HANK YOU ARE ON MY LIST!..

    *pats RMJL's head..HAHA..no worries..you havent squeaked weak rarrs like ol hank did...
  13. the trick is..to make many many many small posts that really arent important to the thread theyre in....
  14. ...like this!!
  15. the list hank, your on the list!!!

  16. I do the same thing critter. I delete as many of my old post that have no meaning any more. It lets this site have more space for the future. Yahooka became cludered to the point, every time you post it took 10 minutes to for it to get submitted.
  17. Hmm I never thought about deleting old posts to create new space for the site, that's actually a good idea Bud Head, thanx for sharing~
    Now I'll have to remember to do it!

    NuBBiN go ahead, see if you can wear me down! raarrrrrr back at you! :) j/k

  18. i really could care less for 100, im close to 200, but still won't be satisfied till I hit 420. Then im gonna post a topic and link that to my signature along with a screen shot for memories. My 420 post will be one not to miss.

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