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  1. I know it isn't alot but I have 100 dollars to spend and would like to be a bong or bubbler so anyone want to help with some ideas on brands or types? Anything is helpful
  2. Also maybe a vape?
  3. Just save up another $100, do your research, and get a nice brand name used tube off the internet. You will 100X happier with your purchase and people will smoke you up a bunch to rip out of a quality bong.
  4. I won't say much about bubblers, they seem to be a regional thing. You might like the bubblers you see in your local headshops and you might not, if it will be your only water piece then I suggest you go with a bong or a GonG bubbler because a small waterpipe with constant use will have to be cleaned regularly too.

    There are a few good companies that make good bongs around your price range. The most accessible and quality (in my opinion) is EHLE, you can find many of their tubes on EDIT. Other brand names I think you should look out for are Delta 9, HVY, AMG, sour.

    Also if you consider a GonG bubbler, some companies today make Inline ac's with mouthpieces so they could also work as bubblers for around your price range
  5. vape, more stoneage for your domeage
  6. If you have only $100 I would look into EHLE or maybe find something of off craigslist. If your gonna buy something at a head shop I would get glass on glass, look for thick glass all the way around (joint, base,beaker,etc), and I would stay away from cheap tree percs. I would save up another 50-100 and get something quality like a RooR LiL Sista or a WS Tiny Tube.
  7. K is there any vapes I could get for 100 or less?
  8. they sell vaporizers for exactly 100 bucks at a tobacconist were i go to get all my bud related items, i wanna get 1 but im sus on em because could it really be that quality for 100 bucks and there would b no warranty i assume,
    u should look on Australian sites that ship because it will b cheaper lol
    that's my input lol:)
  9. I just bought one off ebay for 45ish and its digital. For the money I couldnt have been happier.

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