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100% Marijuana Joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jritchie91, May 15, 2010.

  1. So it was getting near harvest for my girl and I trimmed off her fan leaves. After letting them dry for a few days a decided to try an experiment. I took one of the larger leaves, cut a bit off the ends, and rolled up some nice bud. Surprisingly, it worked quite well! The leaf held together decently (I should have let it dry longer) and it burned slowly as well. Say goodbye to papers for now!





    100% marijuana joint - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery
  2. did it hit rough???
  3. Not trying to get technical, but that's a cannabis blunt, not a joint. Isn't it great? :laughing:
  4. thats fuckin awesome. looks sweet too
  5. I was thinking about that shit a few months ago.

    I proceeded to ask my mom (Huge hippie) and she was like Na.... the leaves would be too moist and if they were dry they would just crumble.

    I was like Damn.
  6. You could possibly press three together like they do to make cigar leaves and that would make an amazing blunt wrap to roll with.
  7. Iv done this with some of my past grows. Very rewarding.
  8. dont leafs and stams give headaches?
  9. No the only reason people say you can't smoke stems is because it tears the joint and/or blunt when you're rolling. If you break stems up enough though you can roll with them or just pack them into your bowl with some actual weed. Seeds are what you want to look out for when you're smoking.
  10. THats freaking sweet dude!!!
  11. Not gonna lie, that's pretty legit :smoking:.
  12. so u rolled a J with one of the leafs? sick yo.. spark dat shit up
  13. I've seen it done before, but thats still pretty win.

    I plan to do that when my plants are done growin.

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