100% goats piss

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by toddy mcpot, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. urea is one of the best growth stimulants i have seen in a while!! no shit... they grow huge pretty fast... but if you lay some urea down during germination it will burn the seeds and roots...thats also the same when it has sprouted dont put to much down or you'll kill the roots, but definatly try it.

  2. urea, they are like small white balls, kinda looks like bug repellants, but they are litterally 100% goats piss. They are exellenet growth stimulant except they can burn the roots if excess urea is applied.

  3. urea is mainly N. but...

    the form of N that is urea isnt the form of N that plants need. so soil organisms need to break it down into the ready form of N for the plants to suck it up. be VERY careful will full strength pee from any animal.
  4. take those vials of goat piss and next time you meet a kid you dont like tie him up , gag him and chuck the goat piss on him boom a trurly harsh burn for being an asshole haha

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