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$100 for 1/4 o of white rino

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by yenle, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Is this a good price. OBviously ill probably get bashed for posting this sorry. of course prices are differnt every where but what do you think?
  2. sounds like the norm from my neck of the woods
  3. standard price
  4. shit man, you don't even know

    i moved to nyc from socal, i pay like $140 for a quad of just NORMAL dank now

    some sweet white rhino would probably be $160-$180

    buy that shit and SMOKE IT for your buddy qed :D
  5. awesome. well im picking up 1/4 tomorrow. super excited will post pics
  6. standard price in norcal is about 70 a 1/4...
  7. but that is norcal. Weed is cheap down there.
  8. fuck man i wish i could get bud that cheap. that would probably go for double in my hood.

  9. yeah def, jersey prices are wack
  10. ya thats a word price.. 120 would be super average for real wr
  11. thats whats up im from sac.. yup 70 for some dank and 100 for some skunky purple..
  12. Portland, Oregon White Rhino is $45...really don't understand the prices you guys name! SO HIGH.
  13. the northeast sucks.
  14. i don't believe you. theres no point to grow enough high grade marijuana to sell at those prices. almost everyone growing dank chronic has spent thousands on equipment, plus the risk, plus the pure tlc that goes in to dank grows..

    quarter for 45 is stupid. i would never consider selling or growing weed for that price.. thats only good for the buyer.. i would smoke so much dank at those prices... fuck.
  15. here in c-bus that would run around 60 a cut(8th)
  16. 100 isn't too bad man, specially for quality herb.

    I payed 120 for a quarter of blueberry kush the other day.

    100-120 is the price range usually for exotics
  17. ^^^^ nice sig...props
  18. This is why i love Canada haha :D $25-$30 an 8th of some nice dank white rhino. One of the best strains I have smoked so far, this stuff was so potent.
  19. You've clearly never been to CA. I can get 50ish$ 1/4's all day long the most dankity dank you've seen. Shit even the club's around where I live sell for 35 an 8th, street dealers gotta compete. Also about the thousands on equipment... don't you know the outdoor in northern CA is as good as most indoor everywhere else? :wave:

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