10 years later...

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm a veterinary technician in nasty Milwaukee Wisconsin.

    I just recently celebrated my 10th anniversary with a beautiful girl named Mary Jane. Also- I learned that I qualify for a cannabis card in my fiance's home state of Washington. Guess where we are moving in January? Seattle here we come!

    I'm originally from Boston and am very East Coast oriented (so much so that I even capitalize it ha), so moving to the west coast is gonna be a bit of a change.

    Anywho- I'm mainly here to learn grow techniques cuz I've never done it before and can't wait to start my own crop. Although I'll probably be around posting goofy shit around 4:20 every day :smoking:

    I promised myself I'd keep this short and it seems I have failed. Sorry.
  2. Great to hear dude!!
    Good luck growing MJ dude!! it always a rewarding task!!
    Your one lucky Mo-Fo!!

    Good to see you here!!

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