10 seeds germinated, 8 sproted, and still no plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ChronikTokR, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Heres the problem. I germinated 10 ak47 f2s. 8 out of 10 sprouted on 3/11/06 so I put them in plastic cups half full of dirt, poked holes in some saran wrap and covered them, poked holes in the bottom and put them under a 4' 2 bulb shop light just to getem big enough to putem under the 400watter. Well I went out of town this weekend and when I came back 3 broke the soil and only one had leaves. The other two still had the shell. I noticed some mold on the leaf of one of them that sprouted and noticed some more in some of the other cups on the soil. Is my soil bad or what?
  2. No not the soil, its was the high humidity inside and then drying up causing the mold situation.
  3. what caused the mold?
  4. mold is fungi (if I'm correct) and their spores are evrywhere...
  5. what im asking is why did my seeds grow mold on them this time and not last time?
  6. Must have been differences in moisture.
    If it is still on there, gently take off the seed pod from the seedling if you can.
  7. how should i do it next time then?
  8. Next time when you are in the critical stage of germination don't go out of town. The instant that little seed pokes through the soil, take off the saran wrap. If you don't, the seedling can suffocate and I suspect this is why mold also occurred. Everything about your germination seemed ok to me except the time it took for you to take of the saran wrap.

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