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10 sack as a tip for pizza

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by nacher7g, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. I've been thinking about this recently. If you ordered pizza and the delivery guy looked like a stoner, do you think he'd accept like a .5 bag as a tip?

    Just an amusing thought :)

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  2. I would if I was a pizza dude

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    Some might but it would be best to ask them if they would want smoke or cash. If it was me, I would rather have $5 in cash than a half gram.
  4. Just give him cash.  If he tokes his tip money will likely be going towards herb.
    No need to have the guy drive the rest of his shift with cannabis on him.
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  5. This.
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  6. I would personally accept it but he might not want to have weed on him for his work day/night

    Stay tokin
    Stay smokin
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  7. No. Keep your weed to yourself and give him cash. What if calls the cops or something?
    Or tell him to roll by after to pick up and smoke up! haha
  9. Just hold out the money and the bag and say "choose one".
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    am i really fucking high.. or is that a pika-zard in your sig!?
  11. It is haha 
  12. I tipped the pizza girl a pre-roll once

    She seemed thrilled lol!

    I pretty much had to, me and my sis were hotboxing her house and this pizza girl shows up

    I open the door and of course a wall of smoke slams her face immediately and she gets this huge grin on her face and says "wow smells great"

    So I shot her a pre-roll before she left

    I think she appreciated it because next time we ordered she brought a whole bunch of extra shit lol!

    Even some bottle of red peppers that they use in house (they dont even sell that shit lol!)

    So yea treat your food people right and they will return the treatment
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  13. I use to love getting herb on deliveries! Personally I love trying different bud, so a few frequent customers would throw me a nug.

    ->I smoke weed<-

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