10 plants , 30,000 lumens is it enough

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  1. Im going to get a 20,000 lumen 4 ft 4 lamp light + a 40 watt cfl at each corner of the room, and a couple led panels for the bottom. Do you think i can get some good quality bud from this ? I plan to have between 7-10 low ryders, and also for this set up is c02 a must?
  2. 100 true Watts per plant is perferable.
  3. Wouldn't it be cheaper to just get an HID ?

  4. It would be about the same price, but i cant have the heat in a small area because I cant set up the proper ventilation
  5. People have told me 45k lumens is the least you want to do for 4 plants. Youre asking 10 for 30k? Its not enough
  6. I veg with a Sun Blaze 44 T5 light over 12 plants. I keep them short and even. It's definitely enough as long as you're goal isn't large but short spread out plants with even canopy. But I flower under HPS afterwards. There's a lot of folks like me agreeing that T5's are good for veg but are not intense enough for flowering. But if ya gotta go this route I'd suggest some serious canopy management (LST? mainlining?). Keep the lights close and fans on them. You won't get extremely dense and thick nugs, but you'll yield a fair amount. I would go with an 8 bulb T5 for a few more bucks to make it worth your while.
  7. lumens has little to do with plant growth, and I would use your setup to veg 4 plants only for about 3-4 weeks, definitely not to flower in
  8. lumens have everything to do with a growing plant. That's like saying a plant doesn't use light to grow.wtf. I doubt that's enough to do much with though op, maybe 5 plants at about a foot a piece, but you won't get yield with those...

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  9. 100 watts per square foot, or see the dealer on the corner, as shit lights equal shit yields 
  10. ...
    are you familiar with LEDs? much lower lumens but comparative output. No, lumens has little to do with growing. It plays a slight part in terms of infrared-one issue with LEDs, but otherwise, lumens is a measurement of brightness to our eye, which plants don't have.
  11. this is the best advice on here.
  12. Exactly. Lumens are the measure of light intensity to our human eye not how strong or weak the light is in terms of growing plants under. It helps us gauge how much light we need to cover an area but like ^^ said LEDs are proof that lumens are essentially meaningless once growing, it's a number to use when calculating room vs light size but your plants don't see in lumens (or watts for that matter lol).
  13. Nobody notice this is from 2009.
  14. aaahh I didn't take that into account, forgot about leds lol, but from what I remember about leds, the reason it can use less lumens and Watts is because it pushes only the spectrum of light that plants use? I'm just saying that lumens DO matter, it's not like you can take a 900 lumen,23 watt bulb and grow a pound of dank. By that thinking YES lumens DO matter

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  15. PAR. which a 23 watt bulb has some of, but not of great intensity. the only reason why watts work as a standard means of measuring the proper amount of light to use per square foot, is because we can estimate the intensity of the sun in wattage per square foot by using lumens...hence the 70-100 watts/ sqft approximation.

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