10 plants 3 strains hermies everywhere

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    • Hydro or Soil Foxfarm ocean forest
    • Type of light? 400w HPS
    • "Atmosphere" Conditions Bottled water from the culligan thing at wal mart. Temp varied from 73-78
    • Waterings Every other day basically when it looked kind of dry on top
    • PH Range Not exactly sure . Around 6.8 I believe (if the electronic tester I got was working, I don't think it was)
    • Nutrients/Supplements Foxfarm Grow big and fox farm Big Bloom
    • Pictures if possible! (Posting pictures can describe the problem for you)
    • Design and Dates Home Growbox or w/e (basically same thing as the hydro hut)
    • Other
      3 different strains all bought from BC buds Mendo Purp , Sweet God , and blueberry .

    The mendo purp only ended with 2 females out of approx 10 plants .
    Sweet God ended up with 10 out of 11 females (makes me think they sent me femmed seeds)
    Blueberry 1 female out of 10 plants and it turned out absolutely horrible very airy nasty looking buds almost look rotten,

    I noticed a coupe hermie flowers a couple weeks ago on a mendo purp fem so I took it out and harvested what I could off it, Now That I am actually harvesting all the plants I am finding hermie flowers all over the place. Both the mendo purp and the sweet god have hermies. The bud is still absolutely amazing just a seed here and there . What I don't understand is why I am getting so many hermaphrodites. Could the feminized seed craze be fucking up the gene pool is it because of something I am doing wrong ? I thought I did a pretty good job not stressing them out but apparently not lol.
  1. Does anyone have any suggestions what could be causing all these hermies.
  2. I would assume that it's just because strains are getting less strong.

    With all other plants, we breed them to be able to survive and be hardy AND do what we want, but lazy grower/breeders just pamper the plants to no end, which would be fine if they where strong strains, but instead they adapt everything to save plants that really should be destroyed.

    And eventually I think it will destroy cannabis if we don't be a lot more careful...
  3. How long have they been flowering for? There are a lot of things that can make them hermie, including genetics.
  4. I was reading just the other day about the feminized seeds. They use a female and clone it and make the clone produce male flowers. I don't know about you but to me that sounds like a hermie. sounds a lot like inbreeding.

    I'm no expert but thats what I read
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    One of the most common reasons is light leaks (any source of light that could be disturbing the dark hours of the flowering stage). Also lots of added stress could cause it. Have you checked for light leaks?
  6. I am growing in a hut that is supposed to be light proof but I did accidentally leave the overhead light on in the room where the box is during the dark stage a couple times. They were flowered for 7-8 weeks . First noticed male flowers about 4 weeks ago and now after harvesting I have found male flowers on almost every plant. Would the overhead light accidentally being left on cause basically all of them to herm? They are in the hut I don't really think that much light could have gotten in. Has anyone else grown BC bud depots mendo purp or sweet god?

    If the hermaphrodites were caused by a light leak will the clones not herm if I correct the leak ?

  7. BINGO. I'm pretty sure leaving the light on = Light leak. But no if you correct the leak and the plant hasn't become too stressed already you should be able to take some healthy clones off it. But that only if the case is a light leak and not a femmed seed that has a hermi genetic...

    Are you starting a new plant to take clones off of or is this a plant you've already been flowering? Basically what are you using for a mother, I don't think you mentioned that.
  8. I took the clones a long time ago when I saw preflowers. At least a week or 2 before 12/12. So just the light on in the room with the hut would be enough to cause hermaphrodism (is that a word lol) ? Guess I didn't realize that it was THAT sensitive. But yeah the clones were taken during veg for sure.
  9. Look for a light leak, sounds like you have an issue there... I had similiar problem with hermies, it was light leaks, makes sure you don't have a strip that has a led on it in the room still on or a fan with a light, just get in there and sit in the dark and move around looking at the room from all angles.

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