10% of your brain? or 10% of your brain?!!?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. Is it just me..?

    You know how "they" say the human only uses 10% of their brain?

    how exactly is it used though...? do people use the same amount but in different forms? do some people use more parts (ie. left/right) than others? can it be restricted to just 10%? do you think you have more?

    so whats going on with the other 90%?

    I think some of us...are using more than "10%" can I be justified by saying this? what about the "genius'" of us and among us...are they just using 10%..?..and the rest of us..are what......? not? or not to our fullest..?

  2. depending on my mood, since it is "the unknown" if we don't use it and never have... i like to think that a large part of our brain deals with the spiritual side of things, but also that we have a long way to evolve.

    oh there are all kinds of theories, read the celestine prophecy it has interesting ideas... ok i'm borderline rambling so i'll have to return after a good nights sleep and try to elaborate

    just thought this was an interesting topic because i was just thinking about this just yesterday !!
    what a trip.
    no such thing as coincidences..

  3. You are using 10 percent of your brain as we speak. That other 90 percent is being put to good use, though. Because nine other forms of you in nine other dimensions are sharing your same brain but each only using 10 percent. They are just in different universes of the multiverse. Quantum theory(except for the part about your brain being shared which I just made up)!
  4. that 10% thing isnt even true
  5. IT's probably true that by M.R.I. experiments (or something of the sort) that they can figure out which parts of the brain are most active when certain stimuli are applied- however not all stimuli can be applied under testing conditions- therefore it is not fair to assume that ONLY 10% is active- more that we have only seen 10% active.

    Oh and it still remains that no one really knows how the brain/mind WORKS. Sure we have little peices of information here and there but nothing more.
  6. I've always thought.... if we're only using 10% of our potential brain power..... then you can't rule out psychics and things like that...

    Well.... at least that's what I think...
  7. many theories discuss the possibility that when we're born we use more instincual parts of the brain, but since man has been able to pass on milleniums worth of knowledge to each new generation through speach and literature (instead of every baby starting from scratch like most other creatures.) many parts of the brain in which we used to use are no longer necessary...and many people also believe that as we grow and learn more, the brain stores information differently...sort of like packing up all of their things(memories..and other brain shtuff) and moving to another part of the brain where it will be much closer to other vital parts of the brain making it more convenient....

    ..I believe they have already discovered that homosexual men, and left handed people have far less of a chance of stroke, and those who do have strokes succesfully recover...They believe that it has to do with these two groups utilizing a diferent section of the brain...

    ..and BTW...switch you were TOTALLY WRONG!!!

    (not enough vengance for you?...gimme a while to think of something mean)
  8. I hate you Nubbin...
  9. holy fucking shit....i was just lying in bed last night, listening to the voice in my head...no, im not scitzo...but, i was thinking, and realized that i actually "heard" what i was thinking, the words were forming, but INSIDE my head, just sit there and think to yourself a while, you will pick up on the voice....and then i started saying nonsensical things, and even made the voice echo and stuff, i think its neat......coincidence.............no.
  10. Namron: Hmm...Did it sound like your own voice?
  11. it didnt really have a sound......it was just there.....i think it did have the sound of my voice, but just because it would be wierd hearin somebody elses voice in my head.
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