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    There is this mistaken idea that we only use 10% of the brain that I thought I might clear up for you guys. We only use 10% of the brain CONSCIOUSLY. The other 90% is indeed working, but it is subconscious. If you consciously perceived everything that the subconscious filters, you would likely go insane, because the subconscious takes in every last little detail in the sight and other senses. You can glance into a store window and your eyes see everything inside the store. However you may only be able to recall a couple things from this quick glance. This is great practice for developing the focus and attention, by just walking past a store in the mall and looking in, and trying to recall as many things as you can, writing them down, and then going back in front of the store window and seeing how much you got right, and how much exactly you missed in your attempt.

    However, developing "astral faculties" and various other things does result in using the subconscious mind a bit more consciously. There are many functions of the body, particularly in the breathing, that we do subconsciously or that we do not even know that we do at all on a conscious level, yet when these things are done with full consciousness "miracles" can be performed.

    There is a reason that when a child is hurt and his mother "kisses the boo boo" that the child feels an instant relief. Most people however are not aware of how physical pain can be reduced by a simple kiss or words. There is a semi-conscious effort that both the mother and child use in the child knowing that mommy will make his boo boo feel better, and mommy knowing that her beloved child will feel better when she directs her attention to the matter. Faith on both parts, though they do not know the exact workings of why the instant relief occurs.

    edit: How many times have you tried in vein to remember something, only to ahve it pop up out of absolutely nowhere a few moments or hours later. This is your subconscious mind at work, it is "digging through the files" so to speak while your consciousness goes elsewhere, and then sends the consciousness a notification when it is found. You can see the subconscious working without you even being aware of this, tapping into this aspect of the Mind by blocking out all conscious thought has given many great revelations of both a spiritual and intellectual nature in discoveries or inventions. Also how many times have you tried to come up with a solution to a problem, and only after having the problem leave your mind did the solution to the problem pop up while thinking of something completely different.

    The subconscious mind is linked to the Spirit, and this is why certain knowledge can be attained by blocking out the conscious thought so that the subconscious can work at full capacity not having the conscious mind taking up any electric fluid.
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  2. Dude I fucking love your threads :D
  3. interesting. +rep :smoking:
  4. Haha you can do whatever you like, I have no problem with people challenging what I have to say, it's how you filter out the crap this world has to offer as a real philosophy.
  5. Hello Trismegistus1

    I just have a few questions because I am a bit unclear on what your trying to say.


    "We only use 10% of the brain CONSCIOUSLY"


    " using the subconscious mind a bit more consciously."

    What % of your brain are you currently using consciously is it greater than or less than 10%.

  6. How much of my brain am I using when I have intense sex dreams ,so intense that it seems real until I realize that it is not real and then I wake up?
  7. Or is it the little dick in your brain?
  8. Very inspiring post to read. I've been thinking a lot lately about the relationship between our conscious and subconscious brain, and how altered states of mind bring our subconscious more to the surface. Dreams are definitely a window to our subconscious, so is meditation, and probably so is weed to a certain extent. I feel like the racing thoughts I get when I'm high, is my subconscious speaking to me. I have yet to try any psychedelics, but I've heard people say that when they trip, they have memories rush back to them that they never would've remembered otherwise. When we "forget" something, it is not erased permanently from our minds, it is simply buried deeply in the "hard drive" of our subconscious, waiting for some kind of trigger to resurface it. I wonder if one exception is drugs like GHB (date rape drug), which supposedly completely erases all memory of the event...

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