10 minutes to war?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokinokie, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. ............ the deadline ends in 10 minutes.

    Is it a ruse?

    Will diplomacy prevail?

    What's that noise?
  2. .........and right now some suit in the CNN tower is in touch with some company telling them that if they want commercial time right before the deadline, it's gonna cost an extra $90,000,000. Which will be payed immediately.

    Personally, I think they'll wait for primetime to end, would'nt dare interrupt Survivor!

    Do you hear something?
  3. awww damnit, i just freaked out cuz i thought i had burned my hand with a lighter and not known it....and damnit, its not a burn blister...its a fucking work blister...son of a bitch*wine, mope moan, gripe complain and generally be a wuss*.

    i hear music...

    and i hear children crying...women and children being gassed in streets, young girls crying because theyve been raped, and have no one to talk to, to run to, to confide in, because the police are the ones who did it, just like they do everynight in this small country, the older people, sobbing and retching in their own blood, as they die in the gasses, the pain they feel as their eyes sting, lungs itch and burn

    HOLY FUCK, i was just in a smaller country in my mind, i really think that salvia fucks with my weed high now...

    thats the noise i hear.
  4. What was that you were saying? They said a few minutes ago that they would let us know!

    I want to smoke the stupid fuckersd out....

    Maybe use the barrels of the rifles for a pipe!
  5. it 9 i c no bomb???????? um good herb! :-D
  6. Well, I guess that noise was just the dog scratchin at the door. Sounded kinda like a war though. He wanted in bad!

    Told ya they would'nt do it during primetime.

    They'll probably gonna let 'em sit and stew for awhile. No sense being predictable. maybe let a last ditch diplomatic effort do something. They're using the press, our beloved media that tells what to wear, eat, drive, as a false information machine.



    i guess they do it everyday, don't they.
  7. It has started now!!!
  8. "The disarming of iraq has begun, the president will address the nation at 10:15"

    Ari Fleisher
  9. "It is confirmed The US has begun it's military strike on iraq"..
    --some dude on the radio
  10. I hear ya there Critter..It's kinda eerie to flip every channel and be just a little different view on the war of iraq..all news channels on about the same event....at the same time...kinda strange..
  11. They are calling the bombs that they sent a good morning wake up call..

    No more bombs fired since then!
  12. ::hides in corner with bong::
  13. Well, certainly not as good for the ratings as the first time around. We need Bernie Shaw hiding under a table in a sleep deprived state, rambling. Y'all remember the opening night of Desert Storm? That was some good stuff. Too many talking heads tonight.

    I ca'nt believe that none of the networks put cameras closer to military facilities. They shoulda known that W would do just like dad and go after strategic stuff first.
  14. Sadly to many Americans this is nothing more than another reality TV show. Dubya will get away with everything and most will forget about this horrible set of events.

    At least there are people in the world willing to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  15. okie, I bet the Iraqis wouldn't let them put cameras by the bases.

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