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  1. Alright so about 3 months ago I planted a seed since then it has grown only 10 inches, and upon checking today the plant appears to be flowering. It has produced white pistils, (no visible pollen sacks as of yet), and the bud/pistils at the top smell kinda skunky to me. The plant's leaves have only 3 blades, none of which are very long, but the plant is green through and through.

    Do you think the plant will survive the flowering process as small as it is? Or if it does survive will a plant that small even be able to produce bud that is worth smoking?

    I'll update with pics later.
  2. It sounds like it should be able to bud. Just get that 12/12 light cycle going and tie your plant to a stick to hold it up if that is needed. Your buds should be smokeable. But it might not be a lot. Hope this helps :peace:
  3. This is fairly normal for me, my plants all flower as soon as possible, and are usually around a foot tall maybe a little smaller when they start flowering. Usually they grow up to twice the size as when they started flowering and give a decent amount of bud..
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    Nah man thank's that's perfect news for me lol.

    I have another plant that is over 3 feet tall that I planted a little under a month and a half ago. Yet the other plant is nearly twice as old, but not nearly as tall or successful.

    Before planting my seed (for the 10") plant, I put a banana peel in the soil to decompose, Do you think that is what stunted the growth of this plant? Too much potassium or something?The planter that it is in, is slightly smaller also but I wouldn't think it to be small enough to confine the plant to a meager 10 inches.
  5. Ok here are the pics I promised. 2 of each plant.

    Sorry about the blurry quality of the pics of the smaller plant, I was trying to get a detailed view of the pistils and this camera is shit at taking photos up close.





    So how are they looking?
  6. They look fine from what I can see.
  7. we're talking about outdoor right? (all sorts of stuff can affect your plants outdoors)
    bagseed, right? (bag seed has some random effects once in a while)

    all in all, i'd say be good to them. give them some water, nutes maybe...
    looks like you're doing well so far, so be happy with your harvest (hell, just be happy they turned out female)
  8. Yes to both questions, Outdoor, and bagseed.

    How long would you expect it to take for a plant that size to be ready for harvest?
  9. Until end of Sept., Oct. unless yor giving them light deprevation.
  10. That sounds pretty good to me, the tall plant hasn't started flowering yet, so let's hope its a female too. It would be a real shame to see all that time go to waste, or potentially risk having it pollinate my midget female.

    Thanks for the help by the way.
  11. The days have been getting longer so you should be all good.

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