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  1. Hi guys, first time grower here!

    So this is my evil twins in-progress grow "room":

    As you can see its rather small, and its only 25 inches tall, and if you take away the height of the bucket and the size of the light im going to use (300W CFL Dual Spectrum), Im left with 13 inches to grow my plant on.

    So, my plan was to grow 1 plant in this 10 gallon DWC setup with ScroG.

    My problem tho is that Im starting from seed. It would be a pain in the ass to wait 2+ months for 1 seed to show gender, and then it would be a male.

    My other problem is that I want to clone, so that I dont need to start from seeds. But, where do I put my seedlings?

    I could build another box for seedlings, but I need it to be quiet, cause it would be in my bed- or livingroom!

    Could I put two plants in my current grow setup?

    How long is the veg phase?
    How long is the flowering phase?
    When do I clone?
    How long does clones veg?

    Im trying to figure out how I can avoid starting from scratch (seeds) everytime after harvest!

    All help would be appriciated!

    PS: Sorry about my english, Im from The far north in Europe! :smoke:
  2. With a set up like that I'd say auto flower is your best friend look up the lowryder strain grows very short and goes from seed to complete in 10 weeks there are other strains similar but this is the one I see the most. I hope this helps GOOD LUCK....V
  3. Thanks for the advice, but Ive already ordered Northern Light seeds! :p

    I could use some advice on when to clone my motherplant.

    I need to clone the plant, and then keep my seedlings somewhere, while my first plant finishes the flowering before I can put the seedling into my main growroom!

    Any advice? Do I need 2 grow rooms?
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    Basically I need to keep the seedling small and alive while the first plant is finishing its flowering. I need the seedling to stay small before I transplant it to my growroom, I dont want it to grow too much because Im doing ScroG.

    Any ideas?


    Maybe I can keep topping it until my growroom is ready for a new plant?
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    Idk I think your saying your gonna start two seeds but flower one at a time? Why not start them at separate times? And yes if you want a mother I think you need a separate room unless you veg under 24 hr light. My understanding is a mother needs 24hr light to stay in a veg state I may be wrong tho but either way it would be way taller than the seedlings or clones you veg along side of it.But I really don't know anything about that kind of small space floro grow that's why I recommended the lowryder you should look into them down the road or something anyway you could probably do 6-8 12" plants in that space they can yield an oz or more each there genetically built for it
    Oh and idk about the topping I just did my first one 30min ago
  6. Hmm, ok. Let me re-write!

    I'm going to start with 2 plants from seed, to increase the chance of a female.
    I am going to make a clone of the female.

    This clone seedling must have to wait until the flowering of the mother plant is complete, so that my growroom is empty and ready for a new plant. This is why I need to keep my seedling as small as possible during this time so it doesnt grow higher than my screen (ScroG) before I actually plant it in my grow room.

    Is it possible to top the seedling? Can I keep cutting the seedling?
    I read somewhere that I can put my seedling in the fridge, to keep it small for 2-3 weeks, is this correct? How does that actually work?

    Any other solutions?
  7. Oh ok I see good luck. And I think you ment vegging of the mother I think once you flower and get buds It's no longer capable of veg unless your saying your going to flower to find gender then clone after that is determined and I've also heard you can start flower early just until determination then revert back to veg idk....like I said brother GOOD LUCK..V
  8. You must be stoned dude, ur answers are wierd ;p

    Im cloning before flower phase ofc =)

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