10 days later, what lights should i be using?

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  1. I've been growing this plant for 10 days now, looks pretty good. ive noticed at the bottom leafs, that are ROUND that they are starting to turn yellowish, the rest of the plant looks healthy so idk why its like that. What lightning should I use for a good grow? I use fluorescent lighting at the moment, keep in mind this is my first growth Thanks! day 10.jpg
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    Those round leaves are supposed to die off. Nothing to worry about.

    The rest of the plant looks good. What wattage/type of floros are you currently using for lighting? Good rule of thumb, without knowing more, is 100 watts of actual wattage for your first plant.
  3. go but t5 lights there are just like fllourcents but smaller ....home depot, canadain tire exc they are 6500kw bulbs for the baby then when it gets bigger switch it to the 4500kw .....the 6500kw is like more blue...the 4500kw is more orange...... check out my thread i have pic of them there ......hope this helps ..

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