10 Christ-Like Figures That Pre-Date Jesus.

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  1. So this guy wrote this interesting article on the web online and I thought I should share it with you guys. The 10 figures that he is referring to are as follows: Buddha, Krishna, Odysseus, Romulus, Dionysus, Heracles, Glycon, Zoroaster, Attis of Phrygia, and Horus.
    Here's the article. Interesting stuff. 

  2. I'll take Socrates over all of them.
  3. Buddha FTW!
  4. Jesus was neither that original, nor that wise.  Far more human beings who didn't claim to be deities surpassed him in teaching and morality.
  5. But not in influence. So obviously they had an inferior grasp on the minds of their brothers and sisters as their teachings couldn't be absorbed.
    Seriously though, how can you 'judge' deities and messiahs? You've never met the men/ women/ aliens.
  6. Yes but the idea of a "Jesus" has been around long before the common Jesus we know of today. The ancient Egyptians even had an almost identical story with the son of god, 3 wise men, etc. The idea of Jesus has been around since the Sumerians. Long long before Christianity. So basically the "Jesus religions" as I like to call them had a strong influence on everyone's minds. 
  7. Reading the supposed word of those deities usually helps. 
    That is not true.  Early Christianity was very small and weak, but grew rapidly.  If Jesus really existed, he did not influence that many. In fact, he didn't even teach very long...even the Bible confirms this.  The rapid spread of the teachings of Jesus can be attributed to early Christians and the conversion of Constantine, not Jesus himself. 
    I can judge anybody based on the supposed legacy left behind.  And since Jesus never wrote anything down, I can only judge him based upon the authors who spread his legacy.  And based on those writings and the writings and knowledge we have of other teachers that came before and after him, I can very well pass judgment on his teachings, his originality, his morality, etc.. and so can you.
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    In the various Mystic traditions it is said that the first emanation of God, the Christ, incarnates at various times in various places to reaffirm God's presence and typically make corrections to different religions that go astray/degrade.  These would be Krishna, Jesus, Dionysus, Orpheus, Rama, Mithras, Buddha, Horus and quite a few others.  The lives always play out analagous to various processes in the Universe, from the process of reaching enlightenment, to the zodiacal processes.  The language of the Universe is analogy, that which is above is alike to that which is below.
    Interesting viewpoint.
    I still don't believe it, but interesting nonetheless.

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