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  1. Is a Schultz 10-15-10 a good budding fert? I don't have access to fox farm, and so on. Just somthing I can get @ the store.
  2. U need less nitrogen, that 1st # should be lower, like 2-15-10 for instance... get some batshit, its cheap and effective, my sunleaves jamaican stuff is like .1-10-7 or something along those lines...
  3. There are those who will tell you you need expensive fert to grow MJ but you don't. Are the specialty ferts better, yes, but you can get a decent crop with department store ferts. I would suggest a tomato fertilizer or a flowering plant fert. Start with less than the recommended dosage and if there is no nute-burn you can increase it.
    Good luck.
  4. Thanks! I have heard too much nitro will leave a shitty taste.
  5. This is why you flush a week before you harvest.
  6. So, ya think the 10-15-10 is cool to use?
    (to 5150)
  7. I do not recomend Schultz, MG or Petters type ferts. But if you must use it. read post 2 in this thread. He said what I would say.

    Basicaly you need a lower first number in short.
  8. I just wanted to try somthing different this year. I normally use mg bloom buster. And I have no taste issues. (if cured properly) But that was Orange Kush. I've now got some white widow, and Northern lights. My 1st bucket grow. I had a SERIOUS groundhog problem. Hell, he uprooted 11 plants....I saved 8 of them. All of this after doing my late start(july4th). With rooted clones. They don't seem as healthy as they have in the past. The heat has been awfull here in OH
  9. I used Shultz 10-15-10 for my Vegging nutes, and my plants LOVED it! I just switched over to Botonicare Pure Blend Pro Soil | Botanicare for my blooming nutes. I want my buds to taste as good as possible.

    Like someone else stated though, commercial nutes aren't all that bad, you just need to use half of the recommended dose and work from there.
  10. Last year I used 2-7-7 for cactus after she started to bud came out great. 1st grow so maybe 'ginners luck, but good bud. thinking of tryin' "big bloom" or somtin but don't know where to got it,or sugar? heard dat but ?????

  11. NO, You need a lower first number like 0-10-10.

    If you flower with 10-15-10 your just loading your plant up with N that it does use in the soil. This will lead to nute lock out and who knows what else.

    You been a told to use a lower nuber a few times. Get alower number from whatever brand you can find.
  12. Thanks 5150 and everyone else.

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