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  1. holy fucking shit . . .

    took me 3 years + to get this far

    oh, and fuck the landmark post thread

    this sort of achievement deserves it's own thread

    so . . . yeah . . . hurray for me!
  2. Congrats dude. E-milestone ftw! :D:smoking:
  3. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:hello:
  4. gor for a 1,000,000 you can do it
  5. Been here for like 2 years and I got like 2,700 posts lol. I don't post as much as often. I guess cause I don't get much attention so :cool:
  6. hooray indeed. :hello:

  7. naw, i'm shooting for 100,000 next

    thanks for the congrats, y'all!

    i'ma go celebrate with a beer with a friend!!!
  8. i remember i was the highest post # at this other website i belonged to, i was there like 4 years and had 18,000 posts


  9. I wonder if I will get 10k posts.
  10. you're celebrating 10,000 posts on a stoner forum with a beer... that's like marijuana blasphemy, I hope you burn in marijuana hell... :D

  11. haha damn i was about to give you some shit for that.

    great achivemnt, congrats!
  12. congrats man good job :hello::hello:
  13. [​IMG]

    Way to go dude, here is to another 10,000.
  14. I wish I could burn in marijuana hell, you'd be high forever
  15. Damn 10 stacks what a landmark man

    Congrats brahh
  16. Sheeeeit, grats man! :D:smoking:
  17. good stuff man!! 10k posts and glad to have every one of them im sure. +rep
  18. 10k is a shitload dude. 8/day for over 3 years...

    +rep for consistancy
  19. Nice.

    Have a cookie.
  20. nice man. thats a lot of fucking posts haha.

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