10,000 days

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  1. What does everyone think of Tool's new CD?
    Vicarious is a fucking bad ass song, as well as The Pot

    but i don't think this is thier best album, there are too many instances on the cd where maynard is just whispering with danny playing the bongos, basicly there are too many mellow parts on the CD. but idk I like the heavy version of tool. i mean I like it but I think Lateralus was better.

    the artwork on the other hand is fucking bad ass. I like the 3D glasses it comes with.
    it was inspired by Alex Gray and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (www.cosm.org)
  2. its a good album, not as good as thier others, it has a differnt feel to the cd then their other albums, i like it alot though, and the album art is by far the craziest thing
  3. Great CD, Rosetta Stoned is a sweet song!
  4. Its iight, i got it like four weeks before it was released in stores :smoking:
  5. it's alright... i was expecting a lateralus 2 type cd, so i was dissapointed but i find that I'm liking it more the more i listen to it (as with most other tool songs for me).

    10,000 days is the ammount of time between maynard's mom's stroke and her death; it's a tribute albulm to her.
  6. fucking love the new album. i think its like all of their old cds mixed together with a little bit new. and all the songs are so long and change up so much its so good stoned. not to mention the cool cd case
  7. Its alright, i like the other cd's better tho..
  8. 10000 days is a badass album.. its certainly different and very soft at times... but thats what i like about tool- they are always changing...

    my favorite songs are jambi, rosetta, and wings(both parts), never really liked vicarious, it sounds to mainstream...

    so yeah.. its a great album but they set the bar way to high with lateralus... its just not possible to make another album like that...
  9. hey everyone I hear that Wings part 1 and Viginti Tres add up to be the same length as Wings part two. Supposibly(sp), if you play Wings part 1 and viginti tres at the same time, while synching it with wings part two, its really trippy. idk i'll have to look into it
  10. You know what man? i was just comin here to make a "10,000 Days" thread.

    I agree with everyone, i like the album but i think they have had better. Its alot more mellow. They should have had some heavier tracks on here in my opinion. I absolutely love Vicarious and Wings pt2 though.
  11. Decent album. I was a bit dissapointed though, Vicarious got old real quick so the main songs I listen to now are Jambi, 10,000 Days (Pts. 1&2), Rosetta Stoned, and Right in Two. Most of the songs are just fillers though which sucks, they always put a bunch of fillers on their albums.
  12. well.. there are only 3 fillers...

    but for the weird intro, the pot is another badass song, reminds me of their undertow days...

    intension is good too.. really chill.. great song to listen to while high...
  13. Kick ass album! Danny is a monster on Vicarious.
  14. Undertow didnt have alot of fillers.
  15. Yup, it's the amount of time his mother spent paralyzed. Really sad if you think about it. :(

  16. Yeah, I was actually reffering to Aenima. Every other song is a fucking filler. Lateralus a few too many fillers too.
  17. the fillers on aenima are weird.. but they give the album a sort of 'character'

    i dont care.. i like everything tool has come out with.. every single song... and i just consider the fillers to be breaks in between great songs..
  18. This album is amazing...probably my fave rock cd of 2006 so far

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