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  1. I haven't had a girlfriend in 3 years. I haven't even had a legitimate kiss. I'm I have a low self esteem , and social anxiety, and chick's in the Internet that are clearly hot no filters. They are always telling me in a 10.0. I shrug it off because nobody at school seems to think the same. I guess I can see it. And I could easily change my insecurities. But I can't get into the habit of working out, taking my vitamins, brushing my teeth. And others day I look like a meth addict. Or a Crack head. Am bout to move out to college tho. So there's that. I'm sorry this belongs in another thread. I'm confident you guys can help without harsh, negativity, or judgmentalism.
  2. Shit, my bad, I'm sorry as hell. Thought you said "I HAVE had a girlfriend for 3 years"
  3. Um sucks to suck? 
  4. On a serious note, when you don't like yourself or care about yourself too much, it will be hard to attract people who want to get involved. I have mad mood swings where I don't give a fuck and don't take care of myself for days, then when I put myself out there, I begin to feel more confident. When I'm intimidated to approch someone (girl or not) I realize it's the same amount of pressure on them, I might as well make it easier for both of us and break the ice. That's just what I do, different things work for different people though
  5. Thank-you for your help. And not typing "sucks to suck"
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    I am in the same boat as you, though I have never been called a 10. Not sure if I have even been called a 4 lol. Been a fat fuck my whole life, but I am working on changing that before I transfer to a university and move 13 hours away. I also have low self esteem and social anxiety.
    Look at it as an opportunity to get yourself feeling as good about yourself and looking as good as you can before you move and start a whole new life with people you have never met.
  7. Yeah of course, accepting yourself is a pretty damn hard thing to do, but embracing it... damn its a journey, that's for sure
  8. I mean if you don't brush your teeth that's just messed up..on so many levels

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  9. If your starting fresh in college its perfect to turn things around. In HS i didnt have too much going on, barely at all..about 1 yr into college I went apeshit.Got to remember in college alot of people are in the same boat as you, side by side, so you have alot of things in common and similarities. Its quite easy to talk to anyone, that including girls. Honestly it's all in your head. Start working out and eating right and your mindset will be fixed then within a years time you'll look back and think damn I was a huge slacker..I cannot even think like I did back then.Trust me. Been there done that.
  10. I do brush my teeth, just not as often as I should
  11. Brush your teeth man. Morning breath sucks. I don't care if its my dime piece 10 blonde girlfriend, she rolls over with morning breath and starts talking I immediately turn away from her.
    Fuck morning breath.
    Brush your teeth, OP
  12. This explains your username. lol seriously?

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