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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by drbosco, May 27, 2006.

  1. can some one put up a pictuer showing a plant after 1 week of germanation
  2. Hmm What Type Of Question Is This Man? Are You Kidding Me?
    Well Its Ok At One Point I Was As Clueless As You. We All Learn.
  3. you fuckin bastad dont give me cheak
    it is a simple request
  4. thanks for your contribution to the BEGINNERS forum. Do you come here for some easy targets??

    One shouldn't poke fun when one can't ease off the shift key like the english language requires [​IMG]

    content: check out the grow journals section and you'll find lots of 1 week old plants http://forum.grasscity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=605 :wave:

    Try to ignore the trolls.
  5. A comment like this might be OK if you followed up with an anwer. TO just throw this out there is pointless.

    Isn't it a lot of extra work on the keyboard to capitalize every word?

    Bosco, while you might have a right to be miffed, you will scare people off from helping you by accelerating your reaction to the level of a raving lunatic.

    Calm down, guys, remember when MJ was about peace, love, brotherhood, all that crap? It still is, and so is this forum.

    I agree with Czarr, the grow journals should have all the pics you need to gain an understanding of what a plant will look like at 1 week. Come back with more specific questions after you lay that foundation of knowledge.
  6. Dam man sorry about that. I was in a bad mood. wont happen again. yes we are all brothers in ths world. Oh and when a seed germanates a white sprout pops out of the seed.

    Heres what some germanated seeds look like

    This is what the plant should be in a week

  7. yeh sorry about that
    get angry sometimes
    those pics were a guideline thanks
  8. All's cool. Smiles.

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