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should i rule the world

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  1. well my plants are a week old and they are about 3 inches tall is that to much they have i set of leaves there are 4 leaves if that is a set i kinda know what to do i have a box and a 14 watt floro i have a di area set up for later life of my plants with 2 4*40 watt floro fixtures is that enough for growing in a corner of my basement with 3 plants year round
    i didn't mean to talk so much but i have so many questions
    P.S. i think it is orange bud but i don't know if that was the particular seed.
  2. You will need more light shortly,,keep the seedlings close to the flourescent tubes,,about an inch or so...that will keep them growing well until you can get seriously setup....

    read posts......back posts...much info there...or try the link...

    grow on.......

  3. With the 40watt flourescents it is safe to put like 2 inches away from light? Could you do that always after germinating and plating? Just always have 2 inches higher? I was going to test out 40watts since I bought 6 before I went out buying 2 400 watt HPS/MH's and a 250 watt hps since I heard bad things about the flouros' But I still want to make a SOG using flouro's to test them out.
  4. 2" is good,,,once they are stable,and healthy looking,,put them under the HID...

  5. I plan to grow SOG with a friend and make hmm forgot all the math from last night but think it was $4,800+ per harvest. SOG harvests like every 4-8 weeks after all good at first, right? Think I read usually 8 weeks(2 months) except also read sometimes even 4! btw if ur wondering the price was if we do $25 an 8th, which here in the section on IL where I live that is damn good most these rich suburb bitches pay $40 a 8th, but usually 30 and 35. So with selling $25 we got popular fast :)

    Just making sure if harvest is like every 4-8 weeks, anyone know if that's about right. Kind of looking for someone with a SOG now...
  6. Not much into growing for profit,,,to me,,that adds to the game the Gov is running.. I grow for Medical,and Personal,,which are separate grows. Only charging $25 per ounce to patients who want it,,merely for operating costs..

    every 6-8 weeks is more like it with sog,since the whole grow will be harvested,and all of this is again determined by strain,and growing conditions...timing is the key to success here,,plants must go in right after plants go out,,,to continue..

    have fun...

  7. lol.... "medical" but ur not growing non tch so like ur still doing something illegal, right? You just say its personal and medical...haha.

    Not saying you deal, truely I believe its just for you, but the "medical" and selling for "medical" purposes. That is what most pot smokers think its for but its illegal, you just reword what others say.

    don't mean to offend you are anything but don't really understand it, sorry if post sounds fucked up to you...
  8. Alot of growers on these boards, here, cannabisworld and overgrow, grow and distribute to people whom truly need "medical" marijuana to ease pain and suffering. Think of it as a service to a community in need, ie not a scam.

    Growing as a profit is kind of pointless unless you have a legitimate setup and alot of knowlege. Ndica's right as well, your playing into the Gov'ts game. Besides 25 an 1/8 is damn cheap for good bud? I don't know how they do in the suburbs, but Kind runs 50-60 an 1/8 in most major cities(east coast). My boy goes to school Chitown, and its the same over there.

    Why don't u take things day by day man. You have "new jack city" aspirations, but you don't have the experience. It takes alot of skill and exp to be successfull grower, and you're talking about an SOG setup? Do you have the clones and a mother plant? A couple 1k HIDs? Plus you're going out of your parents spot? Either theyre gonna catch your ass, or someone's gonna squel and the government is going to take away your house and any property your parents own. Im not trying to fuck with u, just a thought. You have to approach these things maturely, or you'll regret it.
  9. Ive never even tried selling weed because i like smokin it too much
  10. ok I get what your saying now about the medical stuff... I live like 20 minutes my driving, 30 minutes normal driving away from Chicago...its all 30-35-40$ for a 8th, not 60's! I sell for 25, so shit lemme know where these people are paying 60's, I will sell for 55 :p

  11. Its my friends parents house...And auctually No they won't catch neither will anyone else. I do understand then MOST of the time if anyone else knows you grow you get fucked. But me and this friend, we not exactly like "most people". Like with our family backgrounds and stuff, rating out people isn't really a thing that goes too good. Im over 100% sure that there is NO way his parents will ever just come across it. And when its done I am 70% sure if searched the cops won't find it(not bad odds though :)). We are making a wall and isulation and all this crap that will make it look like its the end of attic, its in the back of one. But don't get how the door is going to work, have to wait and see.

    I am not a beginner with knowledge in dealing. No one will squel, cause no one has the oportunity, also no one is going to know who grows it. We could both go off selling, but we play it smart, he is going to just hang out with me and all, but not be known as a dealer, anyone ask him he tells them to come to me. I NEVER have weed on me unless in a deal, both of us might auctually not even smoke weed for a long time :-/ There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will be searched, that's for sure because of school, but I will be clean.

    Well don't really want to make longer then it already is of a post so I won't go into more but like the fact is I won't be caught, if so, then that how it goes, I will play it smart though.
  12. Hey guys..well i live in chicago/suburbs my mom lives in tha suburbs (just moved) and the rest of tha familia lives scattered around chicago but i can tell u that the suburbs totally seels bud for 60 an 1/8 man 3.5 grams 80 bones dude like i said potsmoker4lyf come thru we spend a good 120 a week so think bout chur profit lol thats not tha point thou u can always find cheap stuff n tha city but when u take tha dank frum tha burbs down there u shock sum people man keep that in mind ...now back to my smoking session...

    GROW ON-peace out
  13. speaking of getting searched i got searched the other day i wasn't even expecting it. one of my exes lil bro's threatened a person and the person called the cops. I was on my way to a friends house but i knew they would follow me so i left my sack at home

    it's strickly for medical use i have cronic back pain ;)
  14. and thanks for the votes for i should rule the world
    peace for everyone

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