1 week into flowering, plant looking bad.

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  1. Hello all, thanks for taking the time to try and help me. Here is some info about my plants up until now. Scroll down to help diagnose what is wrong now.

    This is my very first grow. My babies first sprouted 3.14.06, I used some "jiffy pots" to start them, two weeks later I transplanted them into 2 containers. I realized this was bad so last week 4.6.06, I transplanted them again to their own pots. However after some trial and error, I realized that I needed to fill the pots with more soil in the future. Based on this fact, I decided to cut this first "trial grow" short by flowering after only a month and a half of vegging. The soil I use is Fox Farms Ocean Forest. I started them on a light regiment of nutes the first week of april, half strength at every other watering, which I do every other day now. Initially I had some yellowing of the lower leaves, but my current watering and nutes seemed to take care of that. For Nutes I am using Fox Farm Big Bloom, Big Grow, and Tiger Bloom. The PH is somewhere between 5.3 - 6.0, this is based on a water drop test kit I purchased. The temp ranges from about 75 - 85, and unfortunalty I don't really see any way to cut down on that currently. I have an oscillating fan hanging next to my 400w HPS that blows air constantly. I also have a small hole in the top of my room (about 8x10 inches) with a fan on the other side sucking out air. They are on a regiment of 20/4 and like I said water every other day, and nutes every other watering. I've also been told that next time I grow I need to get darker pots, however I can't do much about that now! I do not know what strain these seeds are, I just got them out of some buds that I smoked.

    Right now the plants are a week and a half into flowering, and they are beginning to show sex. One was fairly obviously a male, so it was desposed of, however two i'm pretty sure are female. The fourth is wierd though, the top cola definitly has what look like hairs growing, but nodes farther down appear to have a single ball like shape. I'm not sure what to make of this. Any suggestions? my camera isn't all that great up close, thus I could not get a good pic.

    Also one of the plants has very droopy leaves. They are brittle, and a little twisted. All the colas on the plants seem too yellow. I'm sure how to solve this either. Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks for the time.

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  2. Did you remember to increase watering now that you're in flowering?
    Also your PH is a tad bit too acidic.
  3. how might I go about raising my ph?
  4. You need to add some kind of alkaline substance.
    Honestly the best way to go about it would be to hit up your local nursery and purchase some ph up or something with lime in it (not the citrus fruit)

    you want your soil slightly acidic around 6.5-6.8 though it wouldnt hurt to have it at 7

    I'm certain there are other ways to do it, I've heard of people adding baking soda to the soil but I don't know how much good that would do and whether it would harm your plant or not. I'm certain you can search the forums and find some other ways to raise your soil PH.

    Keep me posted, Good luck.
  5. Mr.Pete.
    Like Noid said your ph is off. I am going to expand on that and say that it is way off and you need to fix it. Your plants actually look pretty good consider it is so acidic. I suspect your excellent soil is saving your arse. Get the PH between 6.3 and 6.8 ASAP. The best thing is to do what Noid said and go to a nursery and get some PH up/down that is good for edible plants.

    Never heard anything that said the color of your pot is important, sounds like crap to me. Your pots are great. Be careful with that female that you see a ball on. All plants have a ball like thing at the nodes that can be confused as a male flower but is not (forgot what the technical name for it is). After a while that ball should have hairs coming out of it indicating it is a she.
  6. wow smkn,

    thanks a lot, i'm going to the nursury tommorrow. Also I feel like the plants I was un-sure of will be female, I just kinda know.

    thanks again man

  7. ah nintendo, i wish i still had one of those
  8. Nintendo?
    Refering to my name?

    Yo! Noid!
  9. take a look at that plant again, you say it has pistols, but also sack things? if they are club shaped, and you have pistols, it just means one went hermi, it has both sexes. If so, take it out, otherwise it will pollenate your other female(s). it will produce seeds, and also decrease potentcy. That yellowing from the middle out to the tips on the fan leaves is something of a worry, it almost looks like a micro nutrient problem...or Mg maybe, I can't tell from that picture but Mg def. also have twisting leaves usually. The super droopy one just looks overwatered to me. It would help the PH if it were up around 6.3 or 6.5.... not 5 point anything! That's normally for Hydro or DWC.

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