1 week in and leaf is dry and brown

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Arou19901, May 9, 2006.

  1. So im about a week into my grow (my first time) and it sprouted and the first two leaves are growing. One of them, however, is very dry and brown. I would appreciate your input as to what the problem is as well as possible solutions. Also, there are som visible yet very small brown spots on the healthy looking leaf, as well as on the stem. Thanks for your help.

    EDIT: I am growing in my room until it is healthy enough for me to put it outside, so it is basically an outdoor grow.

  2. I wouldnt sweat it I had that happen before, it just takes time for the chlorophyll to make the leaf look green. But then again it is really brown. Maybe ur over watering?
  3. Ya I have been juggling with the idea that i have been over-watering but i have been pretty careful to make sure the soil is dry...mybe im just not going far enough down into the soil to tell....thanks for your help anyway...more is always useful too.
  4. mine just lost the shell today and tonight when i looked at it, it looked just like yours, could it be like a thin lining from the shell? cuz that's what mine is and it's jussssst like yours
  5. It should be ok... some come out this way. It just looks that way out of the seed :)
  6. what kind of soil is that? let it dry out a bit and it may improve.

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